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The right approach is defined or described as respect for human dignity. An individual chooses how he or she wants to live their life equal, free, and that their moral rights should be protected if they choose to stay rational people within the legal boundaries. Everyone has the choice to respect others equally as he or she wants for themselves.
The right approach impacts individuals privately by the way he or she chooses to live their life freely with human dignity. It is a simple standard of how one’s should act in a situation. An individual with the right approach will know what is right or wrong because he or she feels like everyone should be treated with respect and protect those that are affected. By understanding the right approach, you can make a decision based off your moral rights, because you have the right to make your own choice in life of how you want to live if he or she abides by the law. Meanwhile, he or she has the right to live freely with dignity and respect others the same as well.
One example of the right approach being applied in private life is your core values. It is important things that a person must believe in. Also, it determines who you are as a person and how you behave accordingly. In my opinion, the right approach can help a person understand his or her core values in a decision when making plans. However, when you acknowledge your values of how he or she lives their life, it’s no limit how far you can do whatever he or she chooses to achieve in life. Therefore, it is so important to consider your core values before making a decision because the right approach can help determine what is ethical.
The right approach impacts business by the action on the individuals. In a business, it is important to use the principles and standards for decision making. This will help to consider how the should act in a situation. It a way that the company will have a clear understanding what is acceptable and not acceptable. By emphasizing guidelines of expectation to all of the people it will explain the action of a situation so that they will not be misled of confusing of the course of the action. As a result, this can encourage the company to treat everyone with respect and dignity because of the human rights.
One example of the right approach being applied in business is to be respectful of others as the same you want for yourself. In a business, there are moral standards in making a decision. They outline what is right and wrong behavior that should not engage within the company. This will keep the environment in the business professional and when it comes to decision making you sustain a good set of ethics. A business with a high set of ethics can have a positive impact because the company is taking the right approach to protect the business. Therefore, a business should promote principles and ethics that the company must live by to avoid any wrongdoing.
Since each approach provides different contents, but are similar in a way when you are considering ethical. By incorporating each approach will help you use every method before taking action in a situation. In general with all the approaches can play a role in decision making. They can become helpful when determining the standard behavior of what is considered ethical or unethical of decision making. Although, when you make a decision you must explore all the aspects of the situation and then consider what kind of impact of the action taken. By doing this, it will avoid any misunderstanding and dilemmas of the matter. In my opinion, it is better to use each approach when you are considering on making an ethical decision. In the meanwhile, you have to gather all the facts, evaluate the situation, and then identify what action to proceed with. By using each approach it will determine that you are weighing the options between what is good and bad.

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