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The Jazz Age influenced modern culture and society in the United States because it brought on the beginning of a new and pristine way of life.  The youth of this generation desired new customs and less formality.  This eventually led to some conflict in the transition from the old traditions to the new.  However, these new customs did help influence the massive wave of intellectual achievement that swept across the nation in the 1920’s.  One place that was heavily affected by the spread of mass culture was a New York City neighborhood, called Harlem.  This is just one of many areas that was a major inspiration to the country during this time period.  The new era also brought on less limiting clothing for women, which led to a sense of power and freedom among women.  The Jazz Age influenced modern culture and society in the United States because it broke the familiar boundaries of art, clothing, and literature. The Jazz Age brought a swift change in art because of its unbounding atmosphere that inspired many artists to try new things.  In the center of this adjustment, was a neighborhood in New York City, named Harlem.  This area quickly became a heavy favorite for African American culture, due to so many people moving north during the Great Migration.  This quick growth in the area caused widespread mass culture, which led to the dawn of the Harlem Renaissance.  The Harlem Renaissance was a period of intellectual and cultural growth in the African American community.  The Harlem Renaissance helped influence modern culture and society because it allowed African Americans to express themselves in a way that proved to be effective in spreading their culture throughout the country.The Jazz Age conducted an atmospheric improvement towards views on women’s clothing.  Traditionally, women were required to wear ankle-length dresses that limited movement and were uncomfortable to the women wearing them.  This led to women beginning to wear less limiting clothing, to rebel against traditional and confining clothing that women usually wore before the 1920’s.  The women that had begun to wear unrestricting clothing were called flappers, after the type of flowy, short dresses that they wore to express their rebellion against traditional clothing.   This sudden rebellion caused some uproar between the youth and older generations, however, the youth eventually “took over” or bested the older generation and wore their newer clothes that expressed their feelings about restricting clothing.  Flappers helped open the eyes of the public by showing that women will not give in to restrictions that limit their freedom in any way.  There are many ways to express emotion, even then, people were figuring out new ways to get involved in the world around them.  This is how writing became popular among the youth at this time.  Writing during the 1920’s influenced the spread of new styles of writing.  Literature is a way of expressing sentiment in a way that can stay around forever.  When people write books, they can stay around to help others form opinions, and even inspire someone else to carry on their legacy, that can lead to a network of new and bright opportunities in the future.  This was the goal of authors in the 1920’s, to help others find their purpose in the world.  The youth during this time wanted to create original productions to spread enlightenment to the world, this came in the form of books, poetry, and articles.  Even with the general support of the new literature becoming more and more popular, some began to reject the new styles of writing, even calling it “The Lost Generation.” They called the new era of literature this name because the people who did not approve of the new age that brought on modern techniques of writing that allowed people to express emotion in a way never before heard of.  Writing during the 1920’s influenced the spread of new ideas that enlightened the public of what people were capable of at this time.The Jazz Age influenced modern culture and society in the United States because it produced new ways for people to express their thoughts and opinions in a way that was fun and enjoyable for most.  The art and music during the Roaring Twenties spread across the nation quickly because of the upbeat tempo, and the riveting dance moves to go along with it.  The new clothing for women freed them from the constraint of the traditional attire that they were required to wear during this time.  Literature influenced many opinions and showed the true values of people’s impacts on society.  The Jazz Age brought many new ways of conveying emotion, which brought the country together by conducting pristine, new methods to bring people together.

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