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The Bubonic Plague is a disease that played a very important role in shakespeare’s time. The Bubonic Plague came about in Shakespeare’s time, has many symptoms, and did have a wide outspread. The Plague gave limited resistance to a short lived life that this would eventually be the fate of many who would soon have to answer too. The plague became a major epidemic.The plague had to come from somewhere. Now here’s where it came from. The plague originated from the bacteria Yersinia Pestis. The bacteria lived in fleas and was transmitted through fleas. Though the disease was mostly transmitted through fleas, there was however two other ways one of which was the physical touching of an animal who had the plague. The second was the air, and as since immune systems were low back in renaissance times it was very likely that a person would get the plague. Symptoms for the black plague were very noticeable. The first symptoms people started noticing were very large bulges on the genitals or the underarm. The bulges usually had blood and pus leaking out of themselves. The bulges were very uncomfortable and were often referred as “Plague Boils ( Staff).” Followed by the bulges were a multitude of symptoms such as ¨fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhea, terrible aches, then in short order, death ( Staff).” This disease worked very fast and “People who were perfectly healthy when they went to bed at night could be dead by morning ( Staff.)” The plague outbreak is the main thing that took over Europe in the thirteen forty six to thirteen fifty three. The plague has been described as “the worst natural disaster is European history and is responsible for changing the course of that history to a great degree (Wilde).” This devastation knocked out nearly a third of Europe’s population. The people who lived were described as “draught and without family (Agnolo).” The great loss of people society went downhill and was much “hostility, confusion, greed, remorse, abuse, and at times, genuine caring (Woodville).” The black plague was a dark time in European history. It caused much loss, grief, and hostility in society. The plague was in play for many years and caused a major outspread. Society did not recover until many years later. The plague has not had an outbreak like this since it was last seen in Europe. Their rare to no cases of the plague today.

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