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The relationship between
management and labors often times result in conversations that must be defined
in writing to ensure everyone involved is covered and establishes guidelines in
regards to things like dress code and attendance.  The collective bargaining agreement is more
in depth and covers things like wages, strike agreements, discipline and
discharge and sexual harassment to name a few. 
Both the contract and collective bargaining agreement is a written
agreement that outlines the do’s and don’ts for both the employee and employer.

            The collective bargaining agreement between the Trustees
of Columbia University and Local 2110 International Union of Technical, Office
and Professional Workers is thoroughly written and very detailed with language
that can be easily interpreted and understood. 
This can be seen in Article 5 Grievance and Arbitration, it outlines
step by step instructions on how to file a grievance, the next steps in the
grievance process and what happens if the grievance can’t be settled which then
goes to arbitration.   It also gives the
specific names of panel members and how cases would be heard.  Article 20 Leave of Absence is specific and
detailed in what constitutes a leave of absence of the amount of time allowed
for each leave and the manner in which the employee is paid if applicable.  Article 18 Holidays outlines when an employee
will receive holiday pay, which legal holidays are included as well university
holidays.  The article also includes
additional time off that are covered under pay and who is entitled to it
(Columbia University, n.d.)

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            This document adds value to the workplace as it protects
both the employee and employer.  Its existence
is due to a resolution from both parties as to what’s needed and what’s
not.  It ultimately protects the employee
from any wrong doing from the employer and it gives the employer the right to
either dismiss or discipline employees if the agreement is not followed.   Everyone is in the know to almost every
aspect of the job including wages, raises, and safety issues with these agreements
being effective for a specific period of time. 
Once the timeframe has ended negotiations begin again and a new agreement
is put into place (“12.2 Collective Bargaining | Human Resource
Management,” 2016).


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