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The quality assurance and standardisation procedures at the Tech Partnership within the United Kingdom include a number of organisational policies and procedures. Complying with Internal quality assurance practices means that there is an internal process by which we can train learners for the computer industry sector using up to date examples, presentations and information set to current industry standards.
Internal observations insure that I am delivering quality information to individuals and keeping them informed of best practices to follow within the computer industry. It also ensures that I am aware, and follow, set procedures for equality and diversity within a diverse mix of employees.
By giving and receiving regular and informed feedback as part of the observation process, but in a less formal manner, gives me options for improvement on my own practices to follow for any assessments.
National Occupational Standards are not mandatory, but keep us, internally up to date with the national standards developed by employers. It provides an important benchmark for the us to follow in meeting any standards within the digital provision sector.
Regular internal meetings help us see other professional industry updates and we can receive informed and professional feedback from learners for assessments that we have carried out. It helps keep me informed and aware of the differing assessment choices available.
Working alongside peers gives me a better understanding of the practices, techniques and processes that they use and I can incorporate this into any future practices. It can help standardize the approach of fair, equal quality assurance in how we conduct reviews.

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