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The following issues are:

Drag: The drag coefficient is a
common measure in automotive design as it relates to aerodynamic. Drag is a
force that acts parallel and in the same direction as the airflow. The coefficient
of a vehicle impacts the way the vehicle passes through the surrounding air. Noting
upon that, setting up the wind turbine generator in front of the electric cars
grill will initially create a certain type of drag known as pressure drag. Pressure
drag occurs when air flows past an object pushes harder against the front of
the car than the rear. this is created when the shape of the vehicles grill
changes unexpectedly when fitting the wind turbine generator. Further more as
the vehicles speed increases, drag acting upon the vehicle generally increasing
much greater therefore drag sets practical limits on the vehicles speeding not
allowing the vehicle to fully perform its main task due to the level of drag
taking place. This potentially can justify that fitting the wind turbine can
possibly waste more energy than to produce it.

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Weight: Another important issue of the
project is weight which needs to be considered and discussed due to nowadays
most of the car manufactures are always reducing their weight load in order for
their vehicles to run as efficient as possible. So fitting a wind turbine
generator will eventually add weight to the car, this is a very big problem
since vehicle with a lot of weight have greater inertia also greater rolling resistance
which both are linked to the increasing of energy consumption. for examples if an
electric car weighs about 2107kg and its accelerations from 0-60 mph is 2.3s
then if additionally, weight were to be added the time taken to accelerate from
0-60 will be greater due to the vehicle taking longer to drive to its potential
speed because of a greater weight carriage.

However, noting the issue
there is always a known solution to an engineering project.

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