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A vast number of people face the problem of stress, being individuals engaged in two jobs, parents taking care of their children at home and unemployed persons. Stress basically consists of fear of things that might arise and preoccupation of problems that arose. We live in a turbulent social environment and problems crop up every day, therefore it is very easy to encounter this psychological problem. From the description provided, Chris is showing symptoms of stress, like misplacing the keys and forgetting instructions from his manager.In such instances, the problem lies not in the stress itself but in dealing with it.

If Chris can adopt appropriate ways in dealing with stress, he can definitely diminish the consequences imposed by such issue. Some simple steps that Chris can adopt in order to diminish stress are: • Adopt a healthy diet by controlling the sugar and consume more vegetables. • Commence some exercise or sports that he likes. • Try to re-set his body clock by scheduling time for sleeping and performing his hobbies.• Diminish the social load derived from determined from engagements that may endure fatigue. • Attain regular small breaks during the day.

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1. 2 Empowering Teambuilding in an Organization Team building comprises the process of enhancing synergy between individuals by eliminating conflicts and bringing up a common interest within the group. As a coordinator, Chris will be expected to sustain team building in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the team’s operations. Appropriate measures that can be adopted by Chris to build a good team are:• Vision – a good vision should be stimulated by Chris in order to induce the team to a common goal and thus achieve goal congruence. In firm informal groups always arise and the worst thing that can happen to a team coordinator is that informal group norm does not abide with the main aim. • Sustain Commitment – commitment is a hazardous word that has to be taken cautiously. In a team it is imperative that work is divided fairly and avoidance of leaving two members of the team working long hours should be enforced.

The idea that a team is many voices with a single heart should be nourished. Indeed if the aforementioned challenges are encountered, Chris should be the first one to provide assistance to those employees who are overloaded with work. This helps in diminishing conflicts. • Value – a very important element that builds a strong team is adding value to the team. This is achieved by not only focusing as a team coordinator on the company’s objectives but also by improving the abilities and attitudes of the staff working in the team.By providing immediate assistance to employees on problems at hand and inducing the spirit of sharing the ideas together on the grounds that if the team wins I win. This will bond the team together and nourish trust in the coordinator.

1. 3 Financing the day-to-day activities Presently Chris is facing financial issues in order to attain independence and reach his personal objectives. Proper financial plans should be started by writing all the expenditure incurred on paper and analyzing such expenses at the end of the week. Through practice he would be able to prepare and abide to monthly budgets set.Proper examination of his check payments should also be carried out in order to avoid dishonored checks. For instance, he should request the bank to provide duplicate checks so that he would have a copy of the checks rose, which would help him on this exercise. The monthly bank statements ought to be reviewed thoroughly in line with the budgets prepared.

Chris daily duties should be assigned on a calendar or a spreadsheet so that he can prioritize his main activities and be capable to place time for himself as already stated in the first section of this assignment.With respect to his career choice, it is advisable that an opinion from a school counselor is sought to gain more valuable information that can help him in such an important decision. References: Learning Center Library. How to Build a Team (on line).

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