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The definition of
bachelor is little bit confusing. Many people think the males who are unmarried
are considered as bachelor. But this is not true always. (Tye, 1999)
noted that a new born male infant cannot be attributed as a bachelor and if we
say that a bachelor is an unmarried male with maturity then this is also not true
for the males who belong to a society where marriage is unrecognized.

The concept of eligible
bachelor has gained much more attraction now-a-days. Almost every month or
every now and then magazines, news articles, journals come up with the list of
eligible bachelors and targets women. These articles indicate that these are
the men with whom the women should desire to be married and it’s a whole
different ball game (Cooke, 2016). In fact many
sociologists believe that these lists are made and put together by women.

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There are many factors
that determines who should be chosen as an eligible bachelor. There is a
popular term naming 666 dating rule or the rule of sixes. It is a indication of
minimum qualities of an eligible bachelor those are centered around the number
six. Like height is six feet, having six-figure salary, having a car of six
hundred HP, having six-pack abs (Eligible Bachelor). Social status, professions, education,
family background, age these are some factors that determines the eligibility
of a bachelor.

Social status plays a
great role while choosing an eligible bachelor. Social status is any of the
full range of socially defined position within a larger group or society and from
lowest to highest. Most of the women show tendency to choose a bachelor who
belong in a status that is equal or superior to her status. In our country this
tendency is also common.

Most of the females choose
bachelors as their desirable husband on the basis of the profession that the
bachelors hold. Thus profession has a great importance on choosing eligible
bachelor and it adds value to the characteristic of an eligible bachelor. Hinge,
a popular dating app indicates that bachelors working in the departments of Finance
& Consulting, Media & Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Business,
Marketing and Business Development, Police & Law, Technology have the most
desirability among girls (Kosoff, 2015). Besides this, engineers,
doctors, pilots, and military personnel also get preference while choosing an
eligible bachelor. But again there are some girls who think that profession
does not matter on choosing eligible bachelor, but the portion of this kind of
girl is comparatively low.

Searching to know the
characteristics of an eligible bachelor or publishing list of some of the most
eligible bachelors is also important as age plays the most important role in
choosing an eligible bachelor. 

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