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The Path To A Profession The Path to A Profession I?ll never forget the night my mother, sister, and I left my father. After years of emotional abuse at the hands of my father, we finally packed up our things and ran away in the middle of the night. We ended up at Ms.

Donna?s house, a good friend of my mothers. I remember lying on her couch bed later that night thinking, ?Was this real? I couldn?t believe that we had finally gotten out. I felt like my life had turned into an after school special. My whole body was paralyzed.

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Everything around me was a blur. For a moment, I was the only thing that existed and I lay that way in Ms. Donna?s couch bed the whole night. After the dust of that first night had settled, we found an apartment off of Government Street.

It was nothing compared to the big house I was used to. I remember the first time I set foot into the 3-bedroom apartment. I felt like I was in an empty dollhouse. No matter how much furniture we put in there, it psychologists, work, psychology, able, field, occupational, environment, psychologist, job, clinical, important, new, dr, career, being, because, after, stability, learn, kontos, help, family, about, years, very, time, research, private, practice, people, patients, one, night, need, know

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