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Head and shoulders, knees and toes! Learn how to say body parts in this Spanish vocabulary lesson, from la cabeza to los dedos del pie and everything in between. Then, gain some practice by saying what body parts you use to do certain activities.

The Parts of the Body in Spanish

‘Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.

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Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes.’ I bet you remember singing this song as a child, because body parts are some of the first words we learn how to say, and today we’re going to learn them in Spanish!First, let’s take a look at the entire body, or cuerpo.

The Spanish word for body is cuerpo
El Cuerpo

Now let’s break it down into the body parts. From the top:

Spanish English
cabeza head
ojos eyes
nariz nose
orejas ears
boca mouth
dientes teeth
cuello neck
pelo hair
brazos arms
hombros shoulders
codos elbows
manos hands
dedos fingers
pecho chest
caderas hips
est;mago stomach

And let’s turn around for the espalda (back). Finally, in the lower body, we have:

Spanish English
piernas legs
rodillas knees
tobillos ankles
pies feet
dedos del pie toes

Body Parts and Their Definite Articles

Of course, all of these have definite articles that go with them.

Let’s go ahead and add them now since they always seem to stick around:

  • el cuerpo
  • la cabeza
  • los ojos
  • la nariz
  • las orejas
  • la boca
  • los dientes
  • el cuello
  • el pelo
  • los brazos
  • los hombros
  • los codos,

And careful; here’s an irregular that breaks the rule: las manos. And we can’t forget:

  • los dedos
  • el pecho
  • las caderas
  • el est;mago
  • la espalda
  • las piernas
  • las rodillas
  • los tobillos
  • los pies

Now, I know this word looks like the pie that you eat, but remember your Spanish alphabet sounds. You have to pronounce each letter: el pie.And I saved my favorite for last! Los dedos del pie, or ‘foot fingers’ in English. So, basically, dedos are the digits of your hands and feet. You have ten dedos on your hands and ten dedos on your feet, right? So, when you’re referring to your toes, you have to be specific and say dedos del pie so that everyone knows what you’re talking about.

Vocabulary Practice

Let’s practice a bit! Vamos!When we bailar, we use las piernas, las rodillas, los pies y las caderas, ? !When we leer, we use los ojos, y las manos y los dedos.

When we hablar, we use la boca y las orejas.When we nadar, we use los brazos, la espalda, las piernas y los tobillos. Wow! We use our whole cuerpo to swim!When we buy perfume, we use la nariz, of course! And las manos to take it to check out, find our dinero and pay for it.When we eat bistec, we use la boca, los dientes, los dedos, los codos and we can’t forget el est;mago, of course.And when we wear our zapatos, we put them on los pies and los dedos del pie!

Lesson Summary

Okay, let’s review by drawing a body. What do we need? Why don’t we start with la cabeza? Bien! Now what? How about los ojos? Bien! And la nariz? Where does it go? Yes, right there! Las orejas go here and here. La boca, los dientes, but our cabeza is bald, so we need el pelo, right? Voil;! There it is!Now, where’s el cuello? Remember? It connects the head to the body.

Bien! And los brazos? At the top of los brazos are los hombros, and in the middle of los brazos are los codos. Oof, but we need hands. Remember that this one breaks the gender rule! Las manos! And fingers are los dedos.Now we need a torso with a chest. What is chest, again? El pecho! And hips, what are they? Las caderas. Fantástico! And what’s inside the torso? El est;mago.

Muy bien. One more thing, now. Let’s turn our body around. What is back, again? La espalda!Now on to our lower body. How do we stand? With las piernas, las rodillas, los tobillos, and do you remember how to say feet? Los pies! And finally, ‘foot fingers,’ or los dedos del pie, of course! And are there ten? Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez. Muy bien!Now we have an entire cuerpo that can: bailar, leer, hablar, nadar y comer! Hasta luego!

Learning Outcome

After watching this lesson, you should be able to recall the Spanish words for parts of the body and their definite articles.

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