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  The first meaning of feminist
philosophy is to describe the ideas and theories in back of feminism.  There are different feminist philosophies in
this sense.  Eco feminism, radical
feminism , cultural feminism etc.In addition each one has the same aim but
differ from each other because, its leading parts.In this lesson we tried to
understand  what makes you feminist
literate and more responsive about the every issues which  includes abuse, violent, pressure and
unfortunately hate crime.For ages ,unfortunately,we as a woman are facing with
abuse,pressure and discrimination.We are used for sexual pleasures in
places.Pin-up girls are best examples of that issue.
Pin-up girl for a male and male pin-ups are really less
common.After this sentence,we are getting close the idea that pin up girls are
very disturbing product. In the article of Joanne Meyerowitz , “Women,
Cheesecake, and Borderline Material” “As sexual images of women
multiplied in the popular culture, women participated actively in constructing
arguments to endorse as well as protest them.” Pin up girl is the image of
the real women but it must be more healthy,more clean,more wholesome,most
beautiful and sexy and also quiet. Me as a female protester argued that seeing
these public sexual displays of women , reduce the standards of womanhood,
transform objects to pleasure men.Therefore it is harmful  both women and young adolescents.History of
pin up,its  release date is 1941,England
but its practice started in end of the 1890 and became popular in 20 th

Definition of pin up basically ,may refer to drawings,
paintings,and other illustrations as well as photographs.There are always
beautiful,attractive,half naked and hot girls on it.

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Although I do not think so, there are theses that pin up
girls are feminist. There are six propositions on the article that I read. It
reclaims femininity in an empowering way.We can see a wide range of body types.
Strength is encouraged. There isn’t an age limit etc.

But still me and my frieds think same, pin up girls
humiliating our femininity.We want to destroy limitations.Firstly as a
antithesis, it reclaims femininity but is it really true that you are keep
going use femininity for something but more empowered way?How women take a
power without speaking? Secondly,yes we can see wide range of body images,but
we should not forget,man can love every body range and every age ,therefore i
think that pin up is still serving for man.Finally,strength is encouraged but
why?For gain image like men,more powerful,take more account or there were men
who loves authority and take a pleasure from that ?

  In my project,my
first aim is giving a new image to a pin up girls.They have awareness and
consciousness anymore.They can think , talk and also they gain power enough to
make fun about violence,discrimination,rape etc. While i am doing that i
exaggerate every detail in the photo,i used sarcastic and deep meaning
sentences.I could not decide slang is may be a lot for academic project but
slang is part of our life unfortunately.Patriarchal every slang or movement may
help us to show men how we suffer because of that. The most important thing for me is that while pin up girl
should give a sexual pleasure for men, but now they are images that are trying
to tell something by ironize.Soldier boy come dorm and open the closet,he want
to see hot girl photo,beside it is art,but he see that my pin up girl and they
close the closet or try to understand that she wants to talk about issues which
she is suffering from.Therefore,I added one sentence catchwork, I tried to
explan in only one sentence,and the image supported the sentence already.They
make you smile, and then you look at it, you are tearful. What I’m doing is just imagining what happened to those
women’s minds

Positive sides of my project are being sincere, clever
and something that has not been done before.Negative side is I may still use
erotic to explain and gain more readers.I could not be sure about that.I use
only beautiful women actually.


  In my first and
second images,I wanted to draw attention to violence against women and rape.I
will explain by Cahill and Foucault articles.

Firstly,you can see it blonde,blue eyes, beautiful woman
is looking at the mirror and know that if her husband come from job and feeling
nervous,he hit her face causeless.Because of the opressions she wants to stay
perfect and also she may think that if she seems hot,husband renounces violence
but still he may interfere other violence issue,unwanted sex,rape.
In either case the woman will have an incredible
pain.Last 15 minutes to stay beautiful…

woman is drinking alcohol to numb the brain and feelings to be resistant to
pain.We can interrelate with rape again.

In particular, this line represented by Cahill finds rape
and violence as a form of violence that is carried out through sexuality with
sexual meaning and sentiments through sexuality, with delivering of violence.
According to this idea, rape realizes that the body is formed on the basis of
the hierarchical positions in the heterosexual sexuality fiction, and by this
way the power is internalized and produced in the body. In this sense, rape is
an action that spreads to the bodies through norms related to sex and
sexuality. Foucault thinks that rape is not to be perceived as being different from
the throwing fist and therefore should not constitute a legal specific crime.
Because according to Foucault, your sexuality is regulated as the predominantly
body, that is, when sexual organs are differentiated from other people’s organs
and bodies and brought to a different encirclement and protection, the law
plays a role in the arrest of rape as a separate crime.

  In my third
image,after we see this picture,we should question at what point and why this
division became a relationship of dominance and opression.It is important that
we should define carefully what it is that women are naturally and biologically
built for giving birth.

In article of Gayle Rubin, The Traffic in Women she wants
to explain Marx’s ideas about productive women.Women should give birth for the
more labor. The women whom this idea imposes can also consider themselves as a birth
machine.We all know that make a family and having a child almost imperative.

  In my fourth
image,I want to explain heroes which is mentioned by Bonnie Mann in Four Thesis
of Sexual Harrasment. In this picture she is waiting her hero
for feel safe and feel complete.She needs that.She have to need.Man, who are hero, and women are victim and ask for help.
In this situation masculine thinking expect the having an authority upon women.
The domination and suppression of women by men has existed throughout history.
Men have used physical, psychological and emotional means to dominate women. We
should remember all these things are pathological. Man are gentlemen or beast

  In my last images,I
want to explaing performing femininity which is mentioned by Iris Marion
Young’s article.Woman in this picture again very beautiful and aware of
opression to cook,because her mother and her husband say same thing that you
have to serve man,your father,brother or your husband .She is trying to get
used to it and reconciling her sense of entertainment .Femininity requires a
restricted way of body movement and comportment. In Iris Marion Young’s work we
can see  this subjects’ examination with
examples. We see a difference in the movements of girls and boys since very
early ages. Even though it has been said that women’s ability of movement is
limited by their bodily development such as growing of breast area it is proved
to be wrong. The real reason behind women’s movement is just because of the
concept of femininity. They feel they need to act with smaller and kind of
“kinder” movements compared to men because they have to be feminine.

  I can not
attached my other images with any other material we disgussed in class,but they
are my general observations about feminist theory.

In conclusion,every images that I choose from the
internet pushed me to the give real mouth to women in some way.Finally women
said something,but every sentence from their mouth is not positive.The
community of men pushed them to be silly,unaware and slave for the world of men.We
start in our lesson to learn about what is feminist theory actually and why
firstly we should read about that.Because if we do not know what is against us,
we can not defend each other as a women in our creepy world.



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