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The opportunities Rome offered and its central location and power at the time attracted immigrants from all parts of the world. According to The Flow of History, “the diversity of the early Roman state helped it expand its influence”(Chris Butler, 2007). The Romans had a mindset that they were perfect, that they had no need to change anything in their country; they ignored the adaption of new strategies to help improve their empire, but the immigrants gave the country a sense of flexibility, new ideas and concepts that helped the Romans to surpass the many challenges they faced during their dominance for many centuries. Since they had a diverse population, it made the Roman empire to get along with outsiders, which encourage them to cooperate with them instead of attacking them. It’s similar in the United States.  America is a nation with and made of  immigrants. America’s success would not be possible without the diversity of population who have come from every corner of the world. According to Obama White House Archives, “generations of immigrants who have helped us build our economy, and made America the economic engine of the world. They help us to be flexible to solve current world-wide problems, as well in country problems”(Jason Furman,2012). Due to many immigrants, the United States has been able to build or develop relationships with other countries, allies, being less prone of an enemy. In conclusion several geographic advantages that helped Rome and the United States to grow and ultimately dominate the known world by helping their economy, acting as defensive barriers against their enemies , and how they interacted with others, however they are also different in some ways, In the end both Rome and The United States are slightly different, they are similar however not congruent when talking about geographic attributes, both had several geographic advantages that helped Rome and the United States to grow and ultimately dominate the known world, but since they lived around different geographic attributes and eras they differentiated in the use of these several geographic advantages

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