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The term Psychology is a veryimportant term. Not only is psychology a controversial word. According to thearticle, “Is Psychology a “real” science? Does it really matter?” it discussingwhether or not if psychology really is a part of the science.

Psychology isdescribed as human behavior (Jogalekar, 2013). On the other hand, thedefinition of psychology is very narrow (Jogalekar, 2013). Science is a blackand white concept.

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It has to be proven in order to be science. Psychology ismore interpretative. It can go either way of the fine black line. One examplewould be happiness.

How would you describe happiness? The definition for theword happiness will change from person to person (Jogalekar, 2013). This is themain reason why people believe psychology is not part of science. It does nothave a definite answer such as biology or chemistry.             Thereason psychology is defined as not being part of science is because it doesnot meet the requirement of science. Here are the following requirements thatscience have to meet to be part of the scientific field:·      fora field to be considered scientifically rigorous: clearly defined terminology, ·      quantifiably·      highlycontrolled experimental conditions·      reproducibility·      predictabilityand testability (Jogalekar, 2013).Scientifically rigorous or aclear definition of terminology is one reason why psychology is not consideredpart of the science field.

Psychology is based on vocabulary that isundefinable by certain people. Someone may have one definition and then anotherperson has another definition. Even some human behaviors can also lookdifferent from person to person. Take anxiety for example.

Anxiety showsdifferent characteristics in different people. This all means that it’s notquantifiable.       The next reason Psychology is not science is because is notquantifiable. Quantifiable mean that it not testable by an experiment (Jogalekar,2013).

So, what does this mean? Basically it means since psychology is used onhumans we do not get exact scientific data from each experiment.       The next requirement to be part ofscientific method is highly controlled experimental condition. This goes backto where psychology does not have definite answer. It more conservation thenthe basic science. Science is more black and white. Science has a firm answerto all questions. They have testable experiments with a final answer to proveit right or wrong (Jogalekar, 2013).

Psychology does testable experiment butthe outcomes change from person’s to person’s behavior. One person may tell youthat they are depressed and other person is depressed and they have differenttypes or characteristics. With Psychology have so many different testableanswers it not considered science.             Thenext requirement to be science is reproducibility. Reproducibility is where thetestable measurement comes out to one hundred percent. Psychology does not comeout all the time to have a hundred percent.

It not reliable outcome each time. Inthe article, “Is Psychology a “real” science? Does it really matter,” itstates, “Psychology has providedintriguing clues and explanations in all these areas, but is not one hundredpercent reproducibility (Jogalekar, 2013).”             Thefinal requirement to be part of the science is predictability and testability. Predictabilityis something psychology is good at.

Psychology can predict on how people willbehave but cannot always be one hundred percent. Then the testability is alsosomething psychology is also good at. They can test the behavior on people, butwith people being the tested…the outcome is never the same. The reason for thisis because people’s behavior is never the same. People chemical balance is whatmakes people different. So not having the same outcome for each experiment,makes psychology not part of the science field.             Afterlooking at all the reasons why psychology is not part of the scientific field Iwould have to agree. With the requirements that are presented in the article,makes it prove that science needs to have a definite answer.

If it does nothave a definite answer, then it will not be able to be part of the sciencefield. On the other hand, I do not agree with psychology not being part of thescience field. Psychology deals with human behavior. Human behavior is part ofscience. Biology is all about humans and psychology brings in the behavior partof science.

So, my conclusion is that psychology is part of science and theother part is not part of the science field. 

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