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The Canada Health Act benefited Canadian citizens financially and gave them security. Canadians pay higher taxes compared to countries like the United States but they have assurance that if they fall ill, they do not need to worry about exorbitant bills so they can stay healthy.  The act, which was implemented in April 1, 1984, brought free health services. The act was led by Tommy Douglas first leader of the New Democratic Party, premier of Saskatchewan, Baptist minister and politician. It includes most services but not all excluding ambulance and drugs.

It is good for Canada and its citizens. It provides security and financial stability in the homes of Canadians. Canadians are immune to their households being disrupted by enormous medical bills after emotional trauma from illnesses. This act makes Canada a secure socialist country where it has space to grow with a strong foundation. Tommy Douglas, born 20 October 1904 in Scotland; died 24 February 1986 in Ottawa, was a leader of the New Democratic Party, premier of Saskatchewan, Baptist minister and politician. Most importantly, he led the first socialist government in Canada which socialised medicine in Canada.

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Douglas first created public health insurance in Saskatchewan while being the leader of the NDP. However, the process was late and his successor Woodrow Lloyd finally launched the program in Saskatchewan. The federal government realized this success and followed. Public health insurance as it is today, where the federal government’s financial contribution is in correlation with provincial cooperation, dates back to the late 1950’s.

Under the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act of 1957, and the Medical Care Act of 1966, the federal government made an agreement with provinces to fund almost half the cost of insured health insurances, and in return provinces were to insure hospital and physician services and comply with universal compliances. This way, the federal government paid half, and the province paid the other half. However,  at that time, provinces still demanded financial contribution from citizens. This did not benefit the provinces as the money received from citizens would be deducted from the money received by the federal government.

This steered provinces away from charging citizens. This was done under the Liberal minority government of Lester B. Pearson.  In 1984, the Canada Health Act was passed, merging the 1966 Medical Care Act and the 1957 Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act.Canadian government insurance is beneficial to the citizen because it provides them with safety at a price that is affordable relative to their income. It is fair for citizens because if they are deemed to be a high risk person, private insurance companies can charge much higher prices.

However, the government takes money based on a fair percentage of your income. This is an argument from the Canadian government defending their case that their insurance is beneficial to the Canadian citizen. They believe that government insurance can help aid shortcomings in the private insurance market by protecting the largest population and avoiding lack of health insurance which helps state health in Canada. The governments also states that private insurance charges the same fees for low income individuals and as they do high income individuals. The percentage way of charging citizens rather than the constant price helps individuals give what they can. These things make the opposition, private companies, not have much to defend themselves with, apart from citing proclaimed bad administration. However, the private insurance sector is not completely irrelevant as they cover services that government insurance does not cover. For example, they cover all drugs, most dental, and they provide services like complete travel insurance.

This gives the private insurance market a place so their companies can have a place in the market. The government also does not have a role in the delivering of health services. Almost all clinics are small businesses privately owned and operated along with most hospitals being privately owned.

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