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Rock Street, San Francisco

The cold wind stung my skin as I made my way back. As I passed by an abandoned house, I noticed a light in the house.

Curious, I decided to investigate it. Leaves rustled as the wind rushed through them. Owls hooted in the pervading silence of the night.

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Dogs howled in a distance. I went nearer to the house. A lonesome huge crow perched on the bare branch of the dead tree. The ghostly arms of the huge barren trees played against the house. Cloudy mists surrounded the spooky house as gusts of wind blew.

A thick are of dust settled on the rusty front gate guarding the house.Rats scurried in and out of the gate through the tiny openings, each of them had red bloodshot eyes that looked out for food. The lawn was overgrown with thorny weeds and long grass. As I pushed the old gate slowly, it squeaked in protest. I reached out to touch the dusty door knob. Before I could grab the handle, however, the door creaked open mysteriously.

The old musty house belonged to the late Mr…. And Mrs….

Limit who had bore a child named Lee Lee Limit. They had mysteriously disappeared in 1984. Nobody knew where they had gone.As I took a step in, the door shut behind me. I Jumped. A beam of moonlight shone on my eyes. Cobwebs, big and small, hung precariously from the old chandelier, behind the cabinet and under the corners of the table.

The huge place was infested with armies of bugs and ants. I stared into the musty darkness and approached the stairs. In the darkness, I saw a light flickering in a distance.

It was coming from one of the rooms. I crept slowly up the stairs to the cold room. As I walked upwards on the reeking staircase, I heard wailing and bloodcurdling screams.I braced myself and told myself to be brave and to press on.

In a flash, a few plates came flying towards me. I ducked all the plates and crawled to the top of the stairs in case anything else came flying towards me. My heart pounded wildly. I tiptoed quickly in the room and realized now that the bright light that caught my eye was coming from a candlelight. I heaved a sign of relief and sat down on a nearby rocking chair. As I stretched my hands and yawn, I felt light breathing near my cheeks.

I stood up.Then, I felt an invisible force push me towards the dusty toilet. I felt a drop of the temperature when I took a step into the toilet. I shivered.

Then I noticed shadows lingered in the mirror and there were messages scribbled on the toilet door. The messages all were written in red blood and read, “Nicole, help me! ” I let out a scream. My hair stood on its end and I quickened my steps.

In my haste, I stumbled down the staircases and I screamed like a mad woman. I limped towards the door and tried to open the door but I could not.The windows were tightly shut so I could not escape. I had no choice but to go up again to the rooftop get out. I slid down thereof to the bottom of the house and climbed over the fence. I shouted and ran all the way back home.

I quickly told my parent’s my incredible experience. My parent’s were so shocked. E née clay, ten police Investigates Ana teeny locker It up to prevent anyone Trot going in again. The police praised me for my bravery.

My parent’s were glad too that I did not get hurt and that I was safe and sound. I hoped that they would solve the mystery soon….

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