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The switch can be considered a hybrid between a handheld console and a stationary. Its designed to be easy to switch between the which shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. Features:1280 x 720p Touch Screen2 Joy-cons (controllers)32 GB storage3-6 hours batteryBluetooth and headphone jackSpeakersDifferent partsAll different pieces can be used together or separate depending on what you prefer. You can place the screen tablet on a table in front of you while you use one or two of the joysticks, or you can have them attached to the screen and play as a 3ds. You can also shoose to just use it like a touch tablet, without any controllers. Nintendo has really given the player a lot of freedom here. Joy-ConsReminds you of the first Nintendo Wii controllers but smaller and of different shape. For example they can be used separately or attached together. Connecting them to eachother is done by inserting them in to a rail with a simple click. Gives you the feeling of plugging a new magazine into a rifle: satisfying.To demonstrate:Together (picture)SeperateOn screenTogether with screen on tableTogether with screen on dock, playing on the TV.TV modeWhen you see the Switch for the first time it doesn’t come off as a console you’d play on a TV like a playstation, because of how small it is. But it’s totally meant to. In order to connect the switch to the TV you slide the device into a docking station and considering it’s turned on and connected, the switch screen should pop up on your TV. This leaves you with the 2 Joy controllers for you to use like an Xbox or Playstation controller. Handheld modeThe grip is comfortable with the two joy cons together but awkard when only using one of them. When used together they are already pretty small so cutting that in half feels like holding a poker card with two hands. Overall the size of the switch is lightweight and made for bringing with you. You can take it with you on the way to work or school using the bus or the tube for example. However it’s a damn shame the battery only lasts about 3 hours, making it unfit for plane flights. As a kid going on many boring car trips and long plane flights, the nintendo DS was a saviour. Instead of participating in my familys silly “let’s count trees” game, I could catch and train my pokemons like a decent human being.BatteryAs stated before, the battery can easily be a bit of a problem. 3 hours of game time seems to be the average run-time you’ll get with a full battery when you play a game like Zelda or similar. Nintendo claims it can last up to 6 hours but most games will drain the battery much faster than that. If you only run programs which doesn’t require so much processing power (paint for example), then 6 hours seems legit. But to be honest here, you didnt buy a switch for 300 usd in order to paint with. It’s made for playing games.InterfaceThe interface is simple and not very much to play around with besides some minor programs. There’s an app store thing called “eShop” where you can download and play games, unfortunately you won’t be able to watch netflix or youtube on it. I think this is a bummer but hey, maybe there’ll be some update in the future. Even though the switch is made primarily for games I would find it perfect to have as a video streaming device late at night when lying in bed. ConclusionOverall this looks like a decent performing hybrid between stationary TV and portable consoles. It might not have sustainable battery over 3 hours if you play consistenly compared to the Playstation Vita, but the ability to “switch” between playing on the TV and using it as a handheld device is what makes it good. If you know that you’re goin to play mainly on the TV, you shouldnt get a switch. You will get much more performance and power from a PS4 or Xbox One for a better price.

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