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“The Mother” Gwendolyn Brooks In the poem “The Mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks, she touches on the controversial issues abortion; and the pain that every mother must face in case they choose to get their child aborted. The author gives a broad and general dramatic description on how mothers may feel after the whole situation. Throughout the poem the speaker show signs of grief, regret and pain. Also the speaker’s bring us to her emotional state of mind and expresses her point of view. “The Mother” can also represent what a mother feels like if she loses her child.

From the first stanza of the poem, the peaker explains how she felt about the abortion. In the line “l have heard in the voices of my dim killed children,” The sad mother is hearing dead child crying that was given the right to see life. The mother explained that she choose to abort her child to be aborted because she couldn’t handle or wasn’t stable enough to take care of the child. And in my opinion, yeah she took an innocent child life away, but I felt that she took that baby away from suffering with the ability that she couldn’t do. What really touched me “Believe me, I knew you though faintly, and I loved, I loved ou all. She knew that her child was a part of her, as the same as you loved something dearly and had to let go under the circumstances and would have to grieve. And I think she didn’t really want to do it purposely but there’s a saying that “Everything happens for a reason. ” From reading the whole poem, the author showed signs of grief, and made mistakes that she chooses to abort her child and she becomes heartbroken that she had to choose the painful decision. She would have to live with the dramatic decision that the child never got to experience.

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