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People in the twentieth century have to face with a lot of troubles from the environment, because they have used too many resources and damaged the environment. As a result, there are a lot of resources which are losing day by day, such as animals, forests or fresh water. As far as I am concerned, if I have chance to choose an important resource to preserve, I would like to protect forests, because forests are essential to our survival, provide habitats for wild animal and contribute to the development of economy.

To begin with, it is undeniable that forests help us to survive, because trees in forests supply oxygen for people and animals. Through the photosynthesis process, trees combine carbon dioxide and light to create their own food and oxygen, so this process is very crucial to all kind of animals in our planet, which include human. If the forests disappear, it will be a disaster because we will lack of air supply; therefore, all animals and human will die. In addition, forests provide necessary habitats for animals to live.

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There is numerous of animals live in the forests, and they will be extinct if people ruin their houses: the forests. When forests are damaged by human activities, the ecosystems will be broken down, and animals cannot find foods supply and place to live. Consequently, preserving forests is not only helpful to human, but also keeps the variety of animals in the natural life. Finally, there is no doubt that forests have big contribution to the development of economy. People have used woods from forests to build souses, produce papers or furniture, so people can get a lot of benefits from forests.

If we exploit resource of forests too much and do not have plans to restore the forests which we damaged, we will lost a gigantic advantages from forests. In conclusion, most people in the world have to pay their attentions to the changing of environment in our planet, and we have to stop making the environment to become worse. For all of these reasons that have mentioned above, I completely agree that the first thing we can do to save our planet is preserving the forests.

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