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The Perilous Journey Aboard the Mayflower In 1620 a group of English people who wanted to freely worship God, resolved to relocate to America. The group is now known as the Pilgrims. The boat they sailed on was called the Mayflower. During the trip a sneaky, surging storm erupted. The wildly hollering storm which would not subside for days, made the pilgrims stay below the deck. The deck quickly became over crowded, stinky, loud, and noisy with the cries of little ones. The cracks in the deck boards leaked cold, salty seawater.

The pilgrims got soaked and shivered. They were also absolutely terrified. Before long, Goodman John Holland got tired of being cramped up in the damp, stinky holding below deck. So he presumed he could climb up to the deck to get away from the stench. Though the wind was blowing very hard he liked it a lot more that being cooped up in the damp, stinky holding where it was safer. Suddenly the ship violently rolled back and forth and threw him over board. He urgently grabbed a rope.

Luckily, some sailors who were walking by were astonished to see him hanging from a rope. How luck he was! So the sailors used a boat hook to save John, who was desperately hanging on the rope for his dear life. When they finally pulled John back up on board he was terrified and grateful that his life had been saved. So Goodman John Holland thanked the sailors and gratefully went back below deck. The Pilgrims were overjoyed to find that he was fine. The Journey to the new world would be a long, terrifying and perilous trip.

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