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The first chairman role is to conduct the smooth running and effective of meetings. Chairman has to manage the sufficient time to the board members for discussion of issue. When discussing an issue chairman must ensure that all board members has a chance to express out their opinion. Beside that, chairman encourage between the board members to open communication. When discussion, chairman need control the meeting to avoid conflicts happening. (DIYcommitteeguide, 2017)Second, when the meeting starts chairman will outline the purpose of the meeting and being sure every issues are discussed orderly in the meeting. The chairman has to brief the board properly on the issue at meeting and information that given to board must be accurate, complete, and reliable to let them make proper decision. (HKEX, 2017)Third, chairman has to be a the leadership of the board of meeting. Chairman need to lead the board to achieve the objective of the meeting and board decision are the best interest to company. Chairman has to make essential decisions when emergency and helping board to handle difficult situations. (HKEX, 2017)Fourth, chairman must ensure effective communication with Association Members such as secretary and treasurer. Beside that chairman also need to ensure that the board members can stand at the views of Association Members. For example, chairman are responsible to liaise with the Group Secretary over the agenda and planning for meetings. Chairman also need to liaise with the treasurer about the details of financial statement of the organisation. (Bupa, 2017)Lastly, chairman may have the casting vote which also called “second votes”. Chairman can vote in the situation of event of a tie which mean vote is taken in a meeting but equality of votes happens. Chairman only can cast a vote when the company constitution allows to vote. But usually a organisation allow their chairman to casting vote because chairman also a member of organisation, so they will cast vote for best interest to organisation. Lastly, chairman can cast a vote only if all the members of board has already cast their vote. (David Price, 2017)

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