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The Lasting Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Children Children who are sexually abused are affected in many different ways. Some feel threatened by other people and may try to withdraw themselves from society. Since children have different perspectives on things like sexual abuse than do adults, they may need to undergo extensive counseling to help them cope with what they have experienced.

Adults who are sexually abused as children often can?t erase the harm done to their lives; therefore, they may have to receive years of psychotherapy to help counteract the effects of sexual dysfunction, depression, and the sense of low self-esteem. First of all, try to consider the sexual dysfunction caused by sexual abuse. Often, adults who are sexually abused as children may have problems interacting with anyone in a sexual way ever again. Some adults may not want anything to do with sex, and they may resist becoming sexually involved with anyone. On the other hand, female children who are forced to stimulate a man sexually may not be able to even look at or touch their husband?s penis when they become adults.

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Some may be confused over the boundaries of behavior, which separates affection, sex, and abuse. As sexual, sexually, abuse, abused, children, adults, victim, depression, often, child, low, feel, experience, effects, sense, people, feeling, even, been, though, sex, self-esteem, problems, hopelessness, help, dysfunction, done, being, behavior, anyone, affected, years, way, try, thoughts

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