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 The prophet Brigham young once stated”
We are in the school of mortality and keep learning, and we do not expect to
cease learning while we live on earth and when we pass through the veil we
expect still to continue to learn and increase our fund of information. That
may appear a strange idea to some but it is for the plain and simple reason
that we are not capacitated to receive all knowledge at once. We must therefore
receive a little here and a little there.” .  The prophets love for the gospel I believe is
what led him to an unending love to learn! I believe he set the example for us
all in our ventures to learn throughout our mortal lives. It is why we are hereto
learn all things. I have found passion in many things but at of all and over
the years I have truly learned to love learning!

Over the course of my life my flame to learn
has not always been there! As my life has gone on though and through experiences
and understanding I have learned to love it. In doctrine and covenants 93: 36 it
sates that  “the glory of God is intelligence”  Many of us are quick to think the intelligence
is often times how smart people are. My I suggest that in scripture god intends
it to mean the contrary. David O MCkay taught that ” learning “for which the
Church stands . . . is the application of knowledge to the development of a
noble and Godlike character.” God has put us in this probationary state so that
we would have the means and the envirement for this exact purpose! Everything
that we my learn here in mortality only contributes to gods divine purpose.
This understanding has brought my new light into my life! We are here to grow
and that first step in that process is learning! I have learned to love the
process of learning and growing. It is what I am passionate about.In the world
we live today it the world is changing ever so fast. Invention, discoveries, everywhere
we look we see the human race advancing in knowledge! There is nothing like learning
new things! Ecpound mom…….

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At BYU I believe it will be the best environment
for  me to learn for the next few years
of my life! I will use this passion to make the most of my byu experience! I
can see my passion to learn help me take advantage of every minute. I can see
my self not just learning the things I want to major in and eventually pursue
but learning as much as I can. Taking advantage of the whole byu experience………
elaborate mom


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