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Cone’s lending of alienation was brought out because Schwartz represents everything Cohen should and does not want to be. This makes the feel for constant conflict between Schwartz and Cohen, with Cohen constantly being the ignition, whether buying a cat in attempt to scare Schwartz away or beginning a quarrel because Schwartz did not take a bath, and other method Of anti- Semitic behavior. The except also shows Cone’s love with the phrase “Good riddance,” of finally getting rid of Schwartz the last bit of Jewish reminder he has and does not want.After the family got back from their outing, Cohen feeling toward Schwartz and his family feeling toward Schwartz was not the same.

Maurice “rapidly tried the nine times table and found he knew approximately half,” was a sign that he will he return to the dumb child he was. We also have Edie who was “[touching] a handkerchief to her eyes,” the final goodbye to send Schwartz away. Both Maurice and Edie loved Schwartz company for helping Maurice in school and keeping Edie company.But Cohen found Schwartz company irritating.

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Cohen, the farther who does not behavior like one, refuse to accept is culture and fatherly responsibility drove Schwartz the ideal Jew and father his is death. “The Courtship of Mr..

Lyon” Angela Carter In “The Courtship of Mr.. Lyon,” by Angela Carter, she is a feminists retelling the traditional “Beauty and the Beast” fairytale. It was her goal to challenges fairy tale and make it into a reality.Its is important because she expressed her feminist views by showing that the perfect fairy tales end we all know and love was nothing but an illusion but have many challenges. The “Happily ever after” we all know and love was not so happy, perfect or even the actual minding. In fairytale, it is costume for it to no show the marriage after the wedding. The perfect ending ends with a kiss, however carter strives to show that, wedding only occurs for one day while a marriage can last a life time and she shows us this by describing the time Mr.

.Lyon and beauty spent after the wedding kiss. This is her way of challenging the traditional fairytale, showing us what is most important and there is more to life than the wedding and a kiss. In the story we see this setting “Mr.. And Mrs.. Lyon walk in the garden; he old spaniel drowses on the grass, in a drift of fallen petals.

” Carter is showing us what happens after the wedding, although it is still a happy setting, and faced with no challenges we are aware of. We do know that both beauty and Mr.. Lyon grows old.This was given by “the old spaniel drowse,” which is more close in line with reality, beauty and Mr.. Lyon. A revised ending of the traditional fairytale, projecting to us that the “Happily ever after is not the end and there is much more to life than a simple wedding.

“The First Day” by Edward P. Jones “The First Day,” by Edward P. Jones shows a mother that goes through the trouble to register her child for school. Jones descried an illiterate mother who wants only to provide the best opportunities for her child she was not able to get, to make sure her child gets the best education.

This is important because, the mother was faced with multiply Charlemagne’s and humiliation during registration and even more important she is handing her child to a world she will not be part off. In the story we see her how her actual humiliation during the registration process. When she was denied entry to he school she deemed optimal for her child, Sexton, she must settle for a bigger, largely populated, newer school, Walker- Jones.While at Walker- Jones she hesitate to seek help with the paper work from someone with an unattractive appearance and with lower moral standard with though they are the same social call.

It was humiliating for the mother to ask this person for help, all for the wellbeing of her child. In the story we see the mother holding papers for the registration process, because she was unable to read and write, she keeps all of her documents, “every paper that has anything motley to do with my five-year-old life,” as stated in the story.

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