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The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) consists of around 170 countries and seeks to increase the positive change in the world by supplying people with the knowledge and experiences they require to flourish and have a better quality of life. The UNDP mainly serves to reduce the magnitude of impoverished regions and increase the general peacekeeping by sufficiently making the right choices. Today the topic before the United Nations Development Program is “Youth Empowerment and Sustainable Development”. 1. Youth Empowerment and Sustainable DevelopmentSustainability is recognised as the concept of meeting the needs of current society without endangering or hindering the ability to meet the needs of future generations. It is vitally important to include the youth and supply them with the insight they need to become aware of their futures. In fact, members of the youth society are often referred to as “tomorrow’s leaders” and thus should have an important role in the current decisions taken to secure a future for themselves. Not all youth members are privileged with the opportunities of others and thus can’t achieve their full potential within society. Many countries have started implementing various ideas which utilise their youth including the United States, Ireland and more countries followed.  Led by French Prime Minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault, a policy named “Priority: Youth” was adopted by the Comité interministériel de la Jeunesse (CIJ – French Cross-ministerial Committee for Youth) with the intent of introducing substantial reforms in the government’s youth programs. The policy places a huge emphasis on  educating the youth about their social rights, encouraging youth empowerment through activities, attacking social injustice and discrimination and encouraging the youth by involving them in public affairs.With the implementation of “Priority:Youth” in 2013, France has been involving its youth in numerous organisations. One organisation: YES Akademia (YAKA) has been working hard to enrich and empower youth members of lower socioeconomic backgrounds to engage and encourage these members by addressing human rights on a global and local scale. By offering a wide range of extracurricular activities, YAKA challenges the barrier which exists between physical and mental abilities and hence provides the youth with the skill set which allows them to prosper and stand for the coming generations as strong changemakers and entrepreneurs. The riveting YAKA curriculum offers over 250 hours of workshops, intercultural experience abroad and  provides the youth with mentoring in social entrepreneurship. This in effect, strategically develops the youth and supplies them with key tools that could help them understand actions relating to social, cultural and environmental development. Partnered with 6 other countries, “IMPOWER” is another organisation which is involving the youth of Paris by teaching them life skills such as public speaking and social awareness. “Press Start” is similar to the aforementioned organisations and has managed to help produce a generation of innovators, policymakers, law professors, entrepreneur, scholars and activists. This truly goes to show that France is attempting and succeeding at empowering the youth.

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