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My parent’s bought me a new phone 5 for 17 million VEND when I graduated from high school. This phone is made by Apple Inc. And it has so many outstanding features. I have used it for a few weeks and I am really keen on it, so I give it four stars. It is undeniable that the phone 5 is a multi-purpose phone because of its design, big touchstones, high speed web access, Sir and quality camera. Its design is very nice for example all versions of the phone 5 are 18% thinner, 20% lighter and eave 12% less overall volume than their predecessors.

Besides, with a 4-inch brilliant touchstones, I can comfortably watch HAD movies and easily play games. In addition, the biggest improvements are the higher speed web access and the Sir application. I can update my Backbone status and open websites faster by using Sir which is very useful. Moreover, the phone 5 has an eight mega pixel camera which helps me take lots of colorful photos and record videos with vivid colors. However, although there re good aspects, this phone has some problems such as battery life and size.

The battery life is short so I cannot continually use it more than seven hours and it is a little inconvenient for me. Moreover, its average size is probably not too big compared with the other ones but it is still hard for me to use with one hand and also to put in my pocket. Overall, the phone 5 is still one of the top ten best selling phones and is widely used all over the world today. I really enjoy using it because it has helped me a lot in life and communication.

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