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The influence of Environmental Fitness in my day to day living What is fitness? According to the Oxford Dictionary, fitness is the condition of being physically fit and healthy. It is also the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. This dictionary also states environment is the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal, or planet lives or operates. It is also the natural world, as a whole or in a particular geographical area, especially as affected by human activity.

Environmental fitness is therefore the fitness that I have living day to day in It is how interact with my surroundings and my space, ‘my environment’. Myself daily. So the question is ‘Am I capitalizing on my time daily taking care of my body? ‘ At H on-I e We take for granted the fact that we are young and sometimes think that we will stay that way forever. Where I grew up, there were few hills. Although this was the case, with the encouragement from my mother, I learnt that exercise is always important and therefore should always make that effort to do so.

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Though the area was mainly flat and populated, there wasn’t a large degree of pollution especially on mornings it became the ideal time to push hat exercising drive forward. As a young child, I took early morning power- walks with my mother as a form of exercise. The air we breathe plays an important role in how fit we become especially when exercise is done outdoors. This exercise revalidated me and fortified me to go on through the day.

Today, while the environment live in is still conducive to exercising; there is a field with a walkway around it and also gym equipment on the field; neglect to do any exercise there because of the “am too tired and have lots of work to do” excuses that I give myself to cushion myself and make myself eel less guilty for not keeping fit. However, am hurting no one but myself with this way of thinking. Environmental fitness is very important at home as it influences the way I would be able to function. Being at home does not mean sitting around and watching the television.

It means however, that can be at my best because have the time to exercise. My output would be greater as the chores that have to do are done without too much effort. What I have realized is that simple chores around the house can be a form of exercise. It may seem too simple but if repeated and in different variations can become quite automating and as a result, would be in a better position by seeking a healthier lifestyle. The usage of environmental fitness can also accommodate family interactions by encouraging other members of family to become healthier via exercising and this can be done in the form of various games.

This brings the family closer together as well as encourages a more fit you. At School At school, the environment can influence my exercising habits if only allow it. This campus has the natural landscape to give anyone a workout. Even as an additive, as a student, I must engage in health and fitness courses to boost y reserve and improve my function and output. The natural state of this school’s exercise equipment can at times be daunting. As students, the easiest thing is to choose all classes in the same building so that facing the hot sun or the road to walk will become only a passing thought.

Moving from one class to another especially when tired, unfocused, and hungry can be as daunting and discouraging as taking a five mile run when Out of fit. The key is to ‘move’ one step at a time. While this statement is not meant in the context of moving slowly, it is one where the step by step approach must be taken instead of a hurried one. As students we should take advantage of what we have. The school has even provided a gym where students, faculty and staff can engage in a good form of exercise to add something healthy to the body.

At Work We ask the question “how have we managed to stay ‘fit’ for so long? ” The answer comes through our day to day activities. At times, this is the only activity the human body goes through and therefore tries to utilize it and make it work. There are some jobs where nothing is done but ‘exercise’. I work at the university’s school cafeteria and the work there is tiresome in many ways. Having to work in kitchen heat lifting, cutting, cooking etc. Is extremely hard work and a very good source of exercise.

The environment here influences a great amount of function. Capabilities and productivity is increased from what is done and the body gets a good workout. As we live in our world today, we must realize that the body functions not just on food and water, but on exercise as well. If a person does not exercise for an extremely long period of time, the body looses its basic function, that of moving limbs and atrophied muscles. We must take care of ourselves in an all rounded way and that includes diet and exercise.

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