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List of objects (In order of prominence) Setting (harvested farm), the three gleaners, other workers, farm guard (on the horse), horse carriage, hay, houses, trees Visible Story This Gleaners depicts that it is not the modern day, and focuses on the life of poor people as they do no wear rich, fancy clothes, noblemen would.

They are wearing long sleeved shirts, hats (which is just a piece of cloth wrapped around their heads) and long skirts.One women is also wearing arm sleeves which is tied just above her elbow with string. The sky is getting dark (evening) / its still early in the morning (dawn/dusk) While the works at the back are harvesting the wheat and carrying the hay around, guarded by worker who instructs them, the three women are picking up the ‘leftovers’ which includes strands Of missed wheat and grains. They have cloths tied around the waists which may be used to carry their belongings and their harvest for the day.The women are clearly tired as they are either holding onto their backs or resting their arm against their thighs as they bend over to pick up the grains. Though their faces are not shown clearly, it is evident that they do not have a hint of happiness in their expressions and are grimly staring at their grains, it seems as though they are also not even talking to one another.

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Gathering grains after the harvest may be what the gleaners do everyday.Hidden Story It shows the hardships and backbreaking labor the lower class commoners have to go through because of poverty They may be wearing not rich clothes but they still seem strong and not in rags so they are rural commoners in the lower social status but can still work o feed their family It shows in their bags that small bundles that they gathered are in it but it is not much compared to the immeasurable stacks of harvest in the background Made the middle and upper classes fear another revolution would occur with the lower classes and all the hard work was done by them.They were also reminded that the French society was built upon the labor of the working poor.

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