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The Gender Differences in Conflict The Gender Differences in Conflict The purpose of my research is to examine the differences between men and women when it comes to conflict in their relationships. I am defining a relationship as a friendship, romantic, or unromantic association. Conflict is something that is generally present at one time or another during a relationship.

If a conflict is not resolved, this could lead to the dissolution of the relationship. By examining the differences in the way each gender handles conflict, conflict should be easier to overcome. Not only how each gender handles conflict, but how each perceives it as well. If there is a significant difference in the way men handle ?x? conflict and women handle ?x? conflict, this can be used as a tool by knowing how each other will react. Research on this topic is important because most people are involved in relationships that will go through conflict at some point in the association.

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No matter how educated one is, conflict is going to be an obstacle to overcome. Knowing the gender differences when it comes to conflict will helps us explore methods and techniques that can be used to resolve conflicts. Conflict is a natural part conflict, men, women, 2000, relationship, gender, differences, withdraw, relationships, hojjat, et, al, one, avoid, ridley, partners, each, way, social, research, physiological, negative, between, 2001, through, themselves, tend, response, reactions, personal, married, journal, fact, comes, believe, arousal, about, within, romantic, responses, pattern, order, need, marriage, marital, maintain, less, hessick, handles, going

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