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The fable is about the mice Scurry and Sniff, and two ‘little people’, Hem and Haw who live in the maze. They keep moving in the maze looking for cheese to survive.

The character that we have chosen is Haw. Haw had shown characteristics of a good critical thinker that are necessary to succeed in life. He is a person who willing to face the changes and fear of his life. For example, when he found out the cheese is moved, he did not stay at the same spot to wait for the cheese to move back for a long time. He realized that it is a waste of time to expect the cheese will return and it is the time to move on for better things. So he decided to go out into the maze to find the new cheese to survive even though he afraid of dangerous outside. He finally succeed to step out from his comfort zone and search for new cheese.
Furthermore, Haw is a person with willpower when he was exploring the new cheese in the maze. He writes what he learns during the journey on the walls to encourage himself to persevere in finding the new cheese and also hoping that Hem will follow him. It is also the spot marks to prevent him from getting lost in the maze. In the end, due to his insistence, Haw finally found the new cheese.

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1. Clarity
Sniff and Scurry are clear with their goal which that they need cheese to survive. When they found out that no cheese left, they quickly accept the fact and keep seeking for new cheese.
2. Logical correctness
Haw believe that he will die because he is facing lack of cheese if he keeps staying at the same place to expect the cheese will return. Therefore, Haw decided to find new cheese on his own even Hem told him that it is dangerous outside.
3. Fairness
Hem was afraid to go out to seek for the new cheese because he thinks that outside is dangerous. He just wants to stay the same at his comfort zone, therefore, he did not deserve the new cheese.
1. Egocentrism
Hem was being focused on himself. For example, when the cheese is disappeared, Haw encouraged Hem to go out for seeking new cheese but Hem rejected because he is worried about his safety.
2. Relativistic thinking
Hem was thinking that he is right. He thinks that the cheese that he has been eaten is the most delicious cheese in the maze, therefore, he can only accept the old cheese. But he never realizes that maybe there is other cheese better than the cheese that he has been eaten.
3. Wishful thinking
At first, Haw and Hem decided to stay in the same spot because they think the cheese will return. They checked the situation every day by their belief that the cheese will return. They are believing it just because they wished it were true.
Similarities Differences
Scurry Sniff Scurry Sniff
1. Do not hesitate to change.

When they found out the cheese was disappear, they quickly accept the change because their only goal is cheese. They keep moving forward to find the new cheese with their different skills. 1. Recognized change early.

Scurry was well prepared for anything early and not easily shocked by the change.
1. Anxious and speedy.

Sniff was adaptable, rationally mindful and acceptable for change.
Haw Ham Haw Ham
2. Hesitate to change.

When they found out the cheese was disappear, they did not accept the change quickly. The keep staying at their comfort zone and do nothing just to expect the cheese will return.
2. Managed change uniquely in contrast to the others.

Haw was willing to gain from missteps, and quickly to relinquish old practices and planned to be and improve the situation. 2. Remain in the customary range of familiarity, disregarding the truth.

Hem felt entitled and simply confided in his needs would be met in the event that he took the least demanding way.

As a conclusion, we learned that there will happen many changes in our life. When change comes to us, we should adapt to accept changes quickly for a better life no matter how afraid we are or how dangerous is it. There are always more choices than to isolate yourself in the comfort zone. Be brave to accept and enjoy the change because “If you do not change, you can become extinct.”

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