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The lessons of entropy
and the second law of thermodynamics are ones that can be applied to everyday
life. The second law of thermodynamics states that heat itself never
spontaneously flows from a cold object to a hot substance. Heat can only flow
from a cold substance to a hot substance of work is done. This idea can also be
applied to heat engines. In heat engines the law basically says that when work
is done some of the heat is used and the rest of it is expelled. Another
explanation of the second law is that high quality tends to transform into low-quality
energy. This restatement practically says that order tends to disorder
naturally unless work is done to reverse this. Entropy is the measure of the
total amount of disorder in any one system. Entropy can increase and decrease
depending on the disorder. Based on these explanations entropy and the second
law of thermodynamics can be applied to anyone’s life.

            Throughout our lives we can see different examples of the
second law of thermodynamics and entropy play out. In every day little things
like opening a door or grabbing a cold drink the second law is in play. When
you grab a door knob to open a door heat flows from your hand to the cold door
knob with little effort. The same idea goes for the cold drink where when
contact is made between the bottle and your hand, heat spontaneously flows from
your hand to the bottle.

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            The lessons of entropy and the second law of
thermodynamics can be adapted into my life in multiple ways. Knowing how
entropy works and the fact that order tends to disorder is extremely important.
This idea helps my understanding in why my room gets messy and my possessions
get cluttered up unless I put in the work and clean up. The second law is also
helpful to me as it pertains to heat engines. Cars are a big part of my life,
especially classic cars, and I interact with those types of cars almost every day.
So understanding how a heat engine works and why it does what it does helps me
get a feel for how the engines in cars work. Whenever my car hood heats up I now
know that heat is being expelled and that it’s nothing to be worried about.
Entropy and the second law help me understand what goes on around me better.

            The lessons I learned about entropy and the second law of
thermodynamics have been a part of my life and can be applied to countless of
actions I perform every day. Even in the most little of actions the second law
and entropy have been seen throughout my life. Now that I know the lessons and
the actual law itself I see how it works wherever I go and whenever I touch
something. When I see my stuff get messier as the week goes on I understand
that what’s happening is a natural process and won’t change unless I do work.
Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics are lessons that are extremely
useful that everyone should know and apply to their everyday life.

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