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Production Functional organizations tend to be stable, are typical of companies where technology doesn’t change fast, and allow people to specialize. Two communication problems: 1 . Organization may be bureaucratic and resistant to change 2. Don’t allow many people to see the “big picture”, so that rivalries between groups may be high and decisions may be pile up at the higher levels. Product or Project Organization Manager product A product B product C These kind of organizations work better in fast changing environments because people integrate many tasks around one project.

The main communication drawback to be aware of is that the various groups responsible for the different products or projects may have to compete for pooled resources – such as computers or purchasing You can learn a lot from an organizational chart about the overriding Structure, the kind Of hierarchy, reporting relations, and where people are located. Hierarchical or authoritarian structure Downward communication Less hierarchical organization Share more with people Reporting Relations IP Who reports to whom? What level are you on? Location of the people

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Influence Of location on communication INFORMAL STRUCTURE: Referred to as networks or political coalitions Don’t show up on organizational charts but are just as important May comprise of individuals or groups in the organization Render more power or say to certain persons than what their job defines Patterns likely to change with change of faces Formal structure Boss You Colleague Secretary Informal Structure Your bossExpo: you and your four Colleagues of equal rank report to the same boss Colleague A Colleague 8 Colleague C Colleague D Informal network structure c D A and B are opinion leaders They might have more credibility, more competence, more power, more access to information or to the boss. Knowing who the opinion leaders are within your organization is just as important as knowing who the supervisors are Political Coalition C and D form a political coalition They tend to stick together and agree.

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