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Waste such as plastic materials and cans were being thrown on the sidewalk instead of into the rubbish bin.

I was very disappointed with them; however, tried to persuade them to put it into garbage cans by explaining them ” the bad effects of the waste. It was useless because they didn’t follow me, and they said they didn’t believe what I have said. They even justify themselves by telling that many people were doing the same thing but nothing bad happened to them. One day, while it was raining, I saw a lot of rubbish flooding along the road of y house and smelling so bad, attracting lots of insects which were full of virus.Immediately, I told them “You could see it , and you should have known how bad the effect could be. Then, they said they knew it; furthermore, they promised to throw their rubbish into garbage can. Since that day on, I told myself that in order to protect the environment, all of people have to have a good cooperation together to make our country clean.

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Every year, in my school, we have a competition which was related to the environmental protection. I always joined this competition with my friends. Either I or they will win this competition because in this competition we were divided into two groups.We had the same topic, and the topic was “how to make our school and country had a good environment”. After having spoken for about thirty minutes, the reference have decided that I was the winner of this competition.

Two days after this competition, my school director had been invited me to the workshop of the environment at rural area where have lots of people lived there. First, my school director told me to listen carefully to what they have said at he workshop because after the end of this workshop, he will take me to help the people who lived at there.People, who have lived at there, were know- less about the environment. I have explained them Of how to protect the environment around their house like told them to clean their house everyday, grew some plants near their house,and all of the member in the family have to work together in order to make their house clean. Explaining already, they said thank you to me for telling their because before nobody told them until they met me. Besides, the government should also have worried about this too because it is their deputy.However, if the government doesn’t have plan to protect the environment like putting garbage can in the park or places where there are a lot of people ;them/sis, our county will face with a lot of problem especially the foreigners won’t come to our country. The most important point of environmental protection is to reduce the increasing of vehicles.

As you know that one motorbike or car emitted egg of carbon dioxide, so we all need to do more to reduce carbon emissions by sing bicycle instead of using motorbike or car. Live that if people do as what have mentioned, our county will have admired from Other countries, and this will make our countries to become a beautiful country as other countries too. Finally, decided that in the future, I will form a group of people to protect the environment in my country and expand it to all around the world.

Even though I know it is hard for them to join with me, I will try my best to achieve it. Hopefully , want to make our country full of green plants and no air pollution.

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