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The End Justifies The Means The End Justifies the Means In Homer?s The Iliad, various male roles exhibit heroic characteristics complying with the heroic code. Their endeavors to achieve honor in battle, exuding god-like attributes, yet beyond their heroism exterior, do they possess a humanness aspect as well. Two characters that exemplified these qualities are Achilles, defender of the Greeks, and Hector, defender of the Trojans.

Both characters have their distinct approaches in corresponding to the conformities of being a hero. However, a very controversial question comes to mind; between Achilles and Hector, who is the true epic hero of Iliad This question has been long debated upon due to the behavior and actions that Hector and Achilles, both display in certain events. Some critics considered Achilles as being the true hero of Iliad, because of the cowardice that Hector displayed when he confronted Achilles.

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However, Achilles had his cons when his behavior was equivalent to that of savage beast, where he desecrates the corpse of Hector in Book Twenty-Two and abandons the war when he was needed the most in Book One. So how does one weigh in choosing the greater hero hero, achilles, iliad, hector, true, one, heroic, book, epic, end, code, behavior, war, though, question, must, means, justifies, however, honor, homer?s, defender, characters, both, being, because, yet, wife, weigh, very, various, upon, until, unruly, two, twenty-two

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