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The Ego And The Self EGO AND THE SELF: A PERSONAL VIEW In both traditional philosophy and modern psychology, the concept of the ego has played an important role in defining the boundaries of the “self.” Although the two fields may seem to take very different views of what the ego is, this is only because they attempt to describe the concept in different terms.

In this essay, I will try to take a more personal view of this concept, to explain how I have perceived and understood my “ego” or selfhood in the course of my own life. First, however, I think it might be useful to explain how I see the differences between the philosophical and psychological concepts of the ego, based on how the two schools of thought have approached the problem. Philosophers seem to me to start by looking at the concept of self as a logical problem of separating the individual and his or her consciousness from the world around it. The word “ego,” which simply means “I” or “myself” in Latin, does not have any other specific meaning from a philosophical viewpoint: the ego is the self, or the self as it ego, world, self, human, people, life, existence, exist, mind, concept, possible, being, things, identity, soul, philosophical, own, different, beings, very, think, myself, view, self-interest, first, even, consciousness, about, thinking, separate, sense, one, make, individual, god

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