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The topics before the United Nations Trusteeship council are
“Establishing self-governance and independence of the Pacific Islands” and “Shifting
the Mandate to economic issues of environmental integrity and the protection of
global commons”. The UNTC has remained inactive since 1994 which uses its power
to take decisions of the best interest to land of its control which it has
successfully done with The last was Palau, formerly part of the Trust Territory of the Pacific
Islands, which became a member state of the United Nations in December 1994 .

1: Establishing self-governance and independence of the Pacific Islands

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Pacific Islands have long been controlled by a colossal force. This
made Pacific islands easy to keep under control. Many Pacific Nations are
heavily dependent on foreign aids by their colonizer. For a peaceful
resolution, nations who have taken advantage over weaker nation are to pay for
their monstrosities over Pacific islands either by nuclear test programs or
experiments for biological weapons. This left a long term effect of the people
of these islands. The delegates of Colombia believe for any true resolution the
expenses should be paid by their colonizer and paid more than 750 million
dollars by the United States for their crimes instead pay a higher price than
that by 5-10 folds.

To end this problem and gain complete and utter independence a
nation with a president and ministries will take time and progress will be
slow. We can view in the matter that not every island is to form a nation of
its own, and not every archipelago with a population of less than 5000 is to
form a nation. A real solution will have to solve the long term issue of long
term independence and a successful state with peace and prosperity. With a
correct and voluntary grouping of island similar to that of Polynesia and
Micronesia without any cultural and religious tension similar to what the
British empire did post World war one creating tension of religious and
cultural affiliation, like Nigeria, Mali and Morocco.

Economically the Pacific nations could not survive, since these
nations strongly rely on fishing and farming, and over fishing is becoming a
problem in many islands of the pacific which is why these nations require heavy
backing by the united nation to start projects and factories to boost the
economies of the islands. Politically the early stages might bring instability
possible corruption. That’s why a small force of united nation peacekeeping
mission is to be sent for a short amount of time for a complete and smooth
transition into an independent nation.


2 Shifting the Mandate to economic issues of environmental integrity and the
protection of global commons:

The global commons cannot be entitled to one since it is very large
and has a large impact on human and their everyday life. Any exploitation of
the global commons will not only affect us as Colombians, but affect the world
in everyday life for generation to come which tells the world of its importance
and urgency. China and many other nations show disregard to pollution and its
effect is being multiplied every day the world watches to prove global warming.

There is no single nation or union that can have complete ownership
of the Global Commons. The delegates of Colombia believe that one committee
with delegates of every nation of the world with a unified interest of serving
the people of this planet as a whole without any prejudice is what will be
needed to guarantee the future of the world. Since the aim of many nation is
for outer space exploration and or starting colonies in mars, the delegates of
Colombia believe that in area of the atmosphere and outer space if one nation
wishes to send a satellite or setup an national space station or colonize some
area of mars it must revise with that committee to avoid overlapping in
territorial disputes but in the atmosphere the delegates of Colombia believe
that it should remain untouched since global warming is heating the earth
and  threatening our forests and that any
manipulation of the atmosphere might have catastrophic consequence on Colombia
and the world.

The delegates of Columbia believes that if any nation shall break
or disregard what the committee sanctions that the consequence should be
consecutive amount of sanctions by the security council or by every nation on
earth to view this as an act of aggression and retaliate by an immense number
of sanctions to make that country retreat on its path for the self-interest of
its nation and disregard to other

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