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The uses of education are many. It can earn us a better job or, help us get more money when we get a higher education. In life itself, education betters us and helps us with family. I believe in the power of education.

Education plays a huge role in a great, happy life. It improves our learning and wealthiness. “Well, how does it affect any of us?” people might ask. Well, a good enough education can eliminate poverty. By getting a college degree, we can get a job that pays well. Because of the salary we’ll be getting, we will be able to afford a good home, clothing, food, and other necessities of life. According to, “Those with bachelor’s degrees, no matter the field, earn vastly more than counterparts with some college ($1.55 million in lifetime earnings) or a high school diploma ($1.30 million in lifetime earnings), indicating that no matter the level of attainment or the field of study, simply earning a four-year degree is often integral to financial success later in life.” This supports the claim that education is important because, as shown in sub-claim and evidence, education can raise your salary. The higher the education, the bigger the salary. Another piece of evidence from US News states, ‘”The payoff from getting a college degree is huge and is actually increasing,” says Jamie Merisotis, president and CEO of Lumina Foundation, a nonprofit focused on boosting America’s number of college graduates. “For people wondering if a college degree is worth it: Not only is it worth it, but the premium is growing.”‘ This supports the claim that education is important because many students question whether a college degree is worth the amount of work and whether it will pay off.

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Having a degree also becomes into a factor when wanting to be a good parent. Studies have shown that mothers who have gone to school have healthier children, who possibly most likely to succeed in life According to, “More-educated mothers have better health care, marry later and are significantly more likely to use contraception to space their children. They have better skills for obtaining and evaluating information on health care, disease prevention and nutrition. They also have better access to resources, through earning opportunities and marriage, and can manage them better. They are more likely to recognize the advantages of educating their children.” This supports the claim that it helps us with family because when mothers are more educated, they know more about diseases and how to avoid them. Also, women who go through school and go to college marry later, have fewer kids and have improved parental care. Education augments the mastery of families to handle health problems. It opens the door to many opportunities for people. Studies have also shown that education is beneficial and most effective weapon against HIV, AIDS, and other diseases. According to, “A 2003 survey of coverage revealed that fewer than one in five people at high risk of infection had access to the most basic prevention services, including condoms, AIDS education, MTCT prevention, voluntary counseling and testing (VCT), and harm reduction programs (Global HIV Prevention Working Group 2003). WHO and UNAIDS estimate that only about 7 percent of the nearly 6 million people in need of treatment receive it and that the number of people who require antiretroviral therapy increases by 8,000 each day (UNAIDS 2004).” This supports the claim that it helps better our lives because we would know about the different ways to prevent these diseases. Schooling also helps prevent the risks of trafficking, labor, and sexual abuse of children.

Education motivates self-assurance and provides us with the things we need to partake in today’s world. It makes us more independent and aware of what is going on in the world today, along with the awareness of opportunities and rights. According to, understudies figure out how to wind up plainly autonomous when they begin dealing with their opportunity as per their own abilities. This supports the claim that education is important because the evidence shows how we, as students, figure out to become independent on our own. Another piece of evidence from HBCU Lifestyle states understudies soon understand that they learn at an alternate pace contrasted with their associate, and the cheerful examining how they did in secondary school is not any more material than others. This supports the claim that education is important by stating what pace we learn at and with others because the pace we learn at does affect how independent we are and how we can make great decisions. It offers a greater understanding of one’s capability and potential as well.

As should be obvious, instruction is a fundamental component for an effective, upbeat life. There are quite a lot more open doors that opens for a man that has an advanced education. I have each aim of proceeding with my schooling after secondary school. I moreover mean on getting a well-paying, agreeable employment. I just have one opportunity to grow up, so for what reason not do it ideal by offering back to my group, nation, and the world? I know it might be a considerable measure of diligent work, yet don’t we think getting decent education pays off at last?

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