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The political issue I chose for this paper is the repeal of net neutrality.

Net neutrality is the basic principle that prohibits internet service providers from speeding up, slowing down or blocking any content, applications or websites any person may want to use. The article I am using for the banning of net neutrality is on The Verge. The source of the pro-ban article is an American attorney who serves as the Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai. Pai has an experimenter bias for his stance because he has a background as a former Verizon lawyer which means he is using his preferences to influence the outcome. The research method used would be a case study. A specific strength of case study in Pai’s speech would be how he used factual evidence on how repealing net neutrality increased America’s Internet economy. Pai says, “This bipartisan policy worked. Encouraged by light-touch regulation, the private sector invested over $1.

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5 trillion to build out fixed and mobile networks throughout the United States. 28.8k modems gave way to gigabit fiber connections. Innovators and entrepreneurs grew startups into global giants.

” Another strength Pai used as well is survey: “The Wireless Internet Service Providers Association, which represents small fixed wireless companies that typically operate in rural America, surveyed its members and found that over 80% “incurred additional expense in complying with the Title II rules, had delayed or reduced network expansion, had delayed or reduced services and had allocated budget to comply with the rules.”A specific weakness of his case study would be how Pai repeats a number of his general talking points, repeating that “the internet wasn’t broken in 2015. We weren’t living in a digital dystopia” and that “there was no problem to solve,” ignoring that internet providers blocked content at numerous points in recent years. He attempts to use factual evidence that does not truly support his claim.The article against the banning of net neutrality is by Politico, and is written by Margaret Harding McGill, a technology reporter for POLITICO Pro. McGill or Politico does not have any affiliation with a company or people that can be impacted by the repeal of net neutrality. The research method used would be a correlation.

A specific strength of correlation used would be how McGill uses Disney as an example of one main media company to compare to the repeal of net neutrality to show the negative effect it will have on smaller competitors and innovative startups. A specific weakness of correlation would be that McGill did not use any other two examples to justify her claim.

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