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The documentary by D.A.Pennebaker and C.Hedgus investigates two sides of the medal associated with the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton. It gives an overview of pipe laying and backstreet intrigues performed by the representatives of Bill Clinton’s campaign. The chief person of the backstage side is James Carville. He is imposing and respectable manager of the campaign who stresses his logical ability to solve problems and emotional potential to override his followers. His persuasive way of speaking and charismatic personality outshines pale character of his partner George Stephanopoulos with whom they are responsible for the success of Bill Clinton’s political campaign of 1992.
George Stephanopoulos is intelligent, dignified, mature person, who, however, lacks emotionality and public energy necessary to make electorate fall in love with him. Although perceived as inexperienced and excessively quiet person, George Stephanopoulos gives an impression of stability due to his belief that Bill Clinton will change the economic and political situation in the country for better. James Carville has enormous magnetism and wins over millions of people throughout the USA not only because of his inexhaustible intellect, but also because of his ability to logically prove his case. His speeches are characterized with pure genuineness and desire to explain difficult things and find common language with his listeners.
The movie describes the efforts and decision-making of the two men with respect to Bill Clinton and his transformation from unpopular stranger to the American President. Improving the prestige of the future president among population, James Carville and George Stephanopoulos deal with numerous accusations of draft-dodging and adultery. To protect the authority of their leader, through the movie they compose professional and effective ads based on moral values and stereotypes of the American culture. During brief breaks they sometimes get a chance to have a snack as well as take a short nap at night.
Actually, a big part of the movie grabs audience’s attention by depicting the professional activity of James Carville while he tries to smooth the situation with Gennifer Flowers, works on TV commercial, and carries on dialogs with the Republicans. Showing Carville’s girlfriend Mary Matalin who works as a strategist during Bush’s campaign, the director of the movie arouses interest among the audience.

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