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women’s rights movement has fluctuated throughout history. Women have been
treated unfairly by society for many centuries, for instance, the nineteenth
century was a time where a woman’s role was inside of the house fulfilling household
duties. Society decided how women should live their lives, which was through
the separate and private spheres. Women were seen as inferior to men and
physically weaker, whereas men were seen in public life, doing things such as
working, going to bars, or speaking publicly on political issues. This imbalance
of power was due to society’s traditional expectations for women. After
experiencing discrimination for many years, women felt that it was time for a

the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, expectations of women changed,
which began to reshape the public. Since women were not allowed equal rights, a
group of activists formed an organization to work towards equal rights. At the
Seneca Falls Convention, women gathered to discuss the injustice that the
continually faced.1
The women’s rights movement was formed to advocate for equal rights; once they
established this, many reform movements began to rise. The movement slowly
began to change the public’s view towards women, giving them the right to vote
and implementing various policies that supported women. The women’s rights
movement touched upon public issues that were discriminatory against women,
such as sexism, economic inequality, and gender discrimination.  After the Seneca Falls Convention, feminism arose,
because women realized that if they sought to change society, they would need
help and assistance to form women’s organizations. The movement gave more rights,
privileges, and equality to women. Feminism was separated into different waves
because each wave focused on different issues concerning women. The three waves
of feminism fought for acceptance and identified times where women were
discriminated within society.

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1 National
Organization for Women,”1998 Declaration of Sentiments of The National
Organization for Women,, (accessed
December 6, 2017).

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