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The Differences Between ADD And ADHD In 1905, a German physician named Herinrich Hoffman, who wrote the tale? Struwel Peter? about a child with ADHD. Impulsivity and inattention are more likely to have serious problems at home and at school. (Baren, M. 1994)There are two types of Attention Disorders.

The first type of disorder is Attention Deficit Disorder and the second type is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADD is a neurobiological disorder. Researchers believed that chemicals in the brain that may be not working properly cause the symptoms of ADD.

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The two most common characteristics in teenagers with ADD are inattentive and implusive at times. Although all children may be inattentive or implusive at times, those with add have them more frequently. In addition, to there impulsivity and inattention are more likely to have problems at home and school. Another characterics with this disorder is that the children will become underachievers in school. (Quinn, P.

1997) The second type of ADHD is also a Nero chemical disorder that is genetically transmitted. Poor parenting, lack of motivation, character weakness, stupidity, or even psychological problem, does not cause this disorder. This disorder generally affects three areas of people behaviors. Those three areas are attention, impulsivity, and even hyperactivity. adhd, children, disorder, dexedrine, add, ritalin, problems, attention, medication, hours, school, hyperactivity, effect, two, impulsivity, brain, adderall, 1987, work, stimulant, regular, pelham, medications, learning, flow, disorders, blood, areas, type, three, studies, skills, similar, ritalin-sr, percent, parents

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