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The Defense of Mrs… Sarah Good.

Mrs… Sarah Good, wife of honest laborer William Good, has been accused of practicing witchcraft and tormenting Elizabeth Par’s, Abigail Williams, Ann Putnam, and Elizabeth Hubbard. A compilation of so called “evidence” has been brought fourth, as well as witness testimonies. Mrs..

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. Good has been questioned, and has answered truthfully, though it seems to me that perhaps the good people of Salem require more convincing, so that we may not find ourselves with another innocent woman burning at the pyre.These testimonies are hose of a pair of children, with minds easily altered and abused, and Mrs… Good was nowhere near these children at the time of said torment.

The final evidence for her innocents is that the symptoms that we so earnestly look upon as witchcraft may indeed simply be some sort of illness. These children, who all have been through much trauma, could easily been mistaken in their testimonies. The four of them have been through much, it is not unreasonable that they might all have made a mistake, or perhaps they simply are adopting a opinion of another, perhaps money of influence.

They clearly stated that it was Mrs… Good who tortured them, yet they said no mention of Mrs… Osborne until after Mrs..

. Good mentioned her, which I personally find rather curious to say the least. Now, I do not say that this pair is lying, but it is easy to get wrapped up in the fear and the hate, and the ideas of the general populous. An obviously large gap seems to lie in their story, which I shall elaborate on immediately. Mrs..

. Sarah Good, on multiple occasions was reported to be nowhere near the children during their periods of “torture”.Her location at the time of the torments was reported by trusted members of the community, otherwise it wouldn’t be considered valid evidence by the community. We now consider Sarah Osborne to also be a conspirator in this heinous act, but she also was nowhere near the places these events took place. How is it possible that two women might harm children from across great distances? I say that these attacks are not that of a man or women but that of a sickness. I doubt the accuracy of the examination of these children’s wounds.

The signs of “torture” shown as evidence to the court are being outrageously misconstrued. The convulsive fits, the temporary loss of some senses, hallucinations, these are not new to us, nor are they new to medical physicians, these are merely symptoms, of some sickness no doubt (they all had epilepsy). I guarantee that with a thorough medical examination we would finds of physical weakness in these children’s bodies, weakness that goes beyond simple injury, or even witchcraft. In my eyes this is undeniable evidence for my client’s innocence.Sarah Good has been accused, evidence has been presented, I have offered my own counter evidence, and I find that the only Just verdict is to find her innocent. This woman has done no wrong, she is a good church going, God fearing woman, and she deserves your mercy. The prosecution’s evidence I have proved to be false and unfit for this court.

We of Salem consider ourselves to be lawful Christians, yet I see uncertainty in my fellows faces? God knows what is right, and so do l, let this woman walk free. The Defense Of Sarah Good By Illimitable

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