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In the recent times, there have been growing concerns, in both public and professional quarters, about whether the early childhood vaccines are safe and sound on the wellbeing of our infants. Everyone including physicians has had this distress and owing to that fact, several organizations have come up to take care of children who are autistic. Statistics has it that about fifty to sixty percent of the parents with children with these conditions believe that these disorders are after taking various vaccines.

Childhood immunization programs are becoming less popular by the day and this is because of the grave concern that vaccines have posed on the health of our infants. This recent expose’ has been shocking on both parents and the society at large. At its very basic, studies done in several decades have demystified theories that vaccines are very effective as we have time and time again been made to believe. Over the years, medics and several medical journals have been instrumental in documenting the malfunctions of vaccines and the dire consequences that have followed the use of these drugs.The controversy over the continued administration of vaccines especially on infants has attracted hot debates in various quarters including in the public and political spectrums. Dozens of materials such as books and journals by medical researchers, physicians and other independent individuals as well as institutions doing research on this very issue have revealed grave imperfections in the hypotheses related to immunization.

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On a shocking note however, most parents and the very victims of these flaws do not know about these revelations and this is a bloodcurdling fact.Concerns have been raised in the wake of almost obligatory Immunization on infants which has left people experiencing the problems related to immunization. Everything said and done, ‘vaccination of infants is not effective and has grave effects on health; this should be brought to a stop with utmost urgency’. Before any parent decides to sign up for any form of immunization, it is of utmost importance to examine the facts related to these medications.As if the failure of these vaccines is not enough, there is no lawful directive or even any specialized principles that warn parents of the flaws of vaccines leave alone any thorough information that informs them that their children are at a high risk of contracting chronic diseases, impairments or even death in severe cases (Victoria, P. 2004. pp 89-91).

In other more deplorable conditions, doctors offer therapies based on poorly researched facts and in some cases even out of sheer ignorance; honestly when dealing with health issues, errors of omission or wrongful commission should not be condoned.The perception that medics have that they put their professional goodwill at stake when they admit that vaccines have got serious flaws in itself is in the depths of despair to the whole issue and should be dealt with. It is worth noting that most doctors have got a problem in admitting that vaccines have failures and in fact, most do not document the health disorders of the patients they treat. In New Zealand for instance, the rates of diabetes have increased by alarming proportions due to Hepatitis B vaccines; this simply reveals the effects of these vaccines that are harmful to the human body.Many infants die within days, weeks or even the first few months after the Hepatitis B vaccine has been administered to them; however those who do not die immediately are weakened in health and the progress starts being sluggish, at severe levels, the babies often have defects in their respiratory systems. The second and the third injections often mark the beginning of trouble on the child’s health, the baby may cry continuously and when fed they often vomit.

Other symptoms are: the baby may stop feeding completely; become cross, have difficulties in sleeping and as this progresses, the infant may have convulsions owing to the fact that this condition affects the proper functioning of the brain. More often than not, when such infants are taken for medication, doctors ask if they were immunized, after which, not much of good medication can be given to them and they often deteriorate in health until death.A lot of these revelations are hidden in medical journals that are far much technical for the ordinary person to think through. France became the first country, in October 1998, to prohibit the administration of the Hepatitis B vaccine on children after it was established that children would develop arthritis and indicatory sighs of Sclerosis after getting the vaccine. In the United States, concerns were raised by professionals and medics but so far, no studies were conducted on the infants to establish whether or not there are side effects of the medication.Other children also develop autism. In the period between 1st of November 1990 and 31st of July 1992, there were four thousand two hundred and twenty seven cases of side effects related to Hepatitis vaccine (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System). This is just a small number because the same study reveals that only one tenth of doctors report cases of vaccine side effects and the resultant deaths; this means that if this vaccine was to be made mandatory on all infants, then the implications can be stinging.

The tragedies of vaccinations have been far fetched: scores of children suffer from the severe consequences of vaccines such as DPT (Diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) and OPV (oral polio vaccine) among other vaccines. There are also a large number of infants who have been left nursing a number of health disorders including mental retardation, convulsion disorder, and physical disabilities, disabilities that make learning in school going children extremely challenging and other chronic infirmities squarely due to routine vaccines or poor administration of the same (Wilson, E.1998. pp 80-86). A long time ago, infants would only receive one vaccine (which was the small pox vaccine), this advanced to five vaccines, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio and small pox vaccines (nearly forty years ago).

In the later years, this has advanced to fifty two vaccines in fifteen shots, this including Prevnar pediatric Pneumonia shot, some of these drugs contain mercury up to levels of fifty percent; this is beyond the safe levels. Mercury normally is not safe when in the bloodstream and it takes considerably long periods to clear out of the blood circulation.The DPT vaccine is also well-known for negative feedback of the neuron system and can cause poor function of the brain, a lot of learning disabilities especially in school going children and also in certain cases, it can lead to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Autism, epilepsy at uninhibited intensities, diabetes and asthma are just but a few side effects which have increased to epidemic levels. Early vaccination in infants should be done away with: medics have established that owing to the fact that vaccines put out of action the white blood cells, the resultant effect is therefore to interfere with the immune system of the infants.It is general knowledge that the white blood cells form the sole defense mechanism of the body and due to that fact; interference with them renders the body defenseless. Clinical researchers have also established that prototypes of the illnesses that result from immunizations trigger the restraint of the immune system.

The routine Diphtheria vaccine also causes difficulty in breathing or even shallow breathing in children as well as the insulin dependent diabetes. Since the campaign for compulsory immunization, many infants have become victims of the ‘shaken baby syndrome’.This could be due to brain injuries, cardiovascular injuries, metabolic and even malfunctions of the nervous systems. The pertussis vaccine in particular is usually responsible for the inflammation of the brain and also internal bleeding. Blood clotting disorder is also a result of vaccine administration, this is mostly distinguished by one getting bruises easily and bleeding often, and this condition may also cause bleeding of the brain. All these bleeding disorders may cause convulsions which make children fall most of the time; this may therefore lead to more injuries especially for hyperactive children (Pillitteri, A. 2006.pp 26-27) Even with the millions of lives at risk due to the vaccines being injected into the market and administered to our children, recently, the United States senators went ahead to pass a bill to shield the producers and vendors of these vaccines.

Reports have it that seven senators sought to pass a bill to protect these manufacturers from legal action by an association of parents whose children had been victims of vaccine dangers. Medical research bodies in the United States have not been spared either from the blame; information has it that these bodies fail to expose the dangers of these vaccines for selfish interests.On the fore, they assist in vaccine policies in the world while in the same stride they protect it in the background.

This is double standard and one of the reasons why vaccines continues to harm our children. Even more shocking revelations of the dangers of vaccines are that most governments hide information, reports and or real statistical figures of the vaccine risk data. This is because the drugs are authorized through the government’s bureau of standards regulatory authorities while it is evident that most of these contain mercury as their preservatives.To deal with this issue therefore calls for the release of the true statistics held by the governments because research can only be done if full disclosure is made to the public. In 1950 in American Public Health Association, revelations had shown that most of the polio figures were influenced by the government authorities and that the effectiveness of the vaccine was questionable (Palmer, F. 2007. pp54-590.

In the 1940’s and in sunset years of 1950’s, many children who were given the polio vaccine were both being crippled and others were dying at amazing rates.By the year 1960, a problem was floated up that would probably trouble the nation in the years to come. Out of those who had received that vaccine, between ten and thirty million Americans had on independent occasions been exposed to the virus that caused the cancer related to the vaccine.

Investigations also revealed that testing of the purity of the vaccine had also been stopped scores of years ago; this burden was instead left purely on the arms of the producers of the vaccines, this meant that chances of giving consumers a raw deal were very high.This has shown a conflict of interest as to leave the burden of standard approval to the very people who manufacture the vaccines. Remedies: Solutions to the victims of life-threatening vaccine experiments and the negligence of duty that is related to the administration of these vaccines ought to be given consideration; perhaps by being paid damages for the injuries they have sustained. Most parents of the children who have been victims of these dangerous medications can either file civil or criminal claims against the manufactures of these vaccines.Other physicians have used some patients as guinea pigs and such physicians should be sued for negligence of duty. Normally, a doctor owes his patient a duty care and once this duty of care is breached, then the doctor is eligible to pay the patient damages for negligence for the injury caused. Different governments also ought to come up with National Vaccine Programs to ensure that the administrations of these vaccines are monitored directly by the governments and victims of the wrong management of these drugs to be compensated by the governments.In case any manufacturing body is found guilty of compromising on the purity of these drugs or using preservatives that are dangerous, then a court injunction need to be entered into so that the production of dangerous vaccines is done away with once and for all (Bookchin, D.

, 1997. pp 102-105). Government quality regulatory authorities need not compromise on quality or practice double a standard on the same, again, the government itself needs to practice collective responsibility on this issue to avoid blame by the citizens on lack of seriousness in dealing with this issue once and for all.

As a matter of fact, withdrawing manufacturers from the market totally and completely may be the best course of action if you come to think of it: the rationale behind this argument is clear-cut; vaccines are not usually as effective as these authorities have always made us believe. With the right level of seriousness, the right drugs can be manufactured to eliminate these harmful ones: since in a position to monopolize corporations, maybe it is high time the government monopolized such services and by extension ensure that quality standards are not compromised.Since law makers have a huge influence on this whole issue and the solutions to it, legislators need to realize that the societies’ health is at stake and make laws that advocate for the ban of compulsory immunization. They can also pass laws to ensure that federal laws are compliant with the same provisions so that the burden is not just left to the central government.Overall, very little studies are being done on the short term and long term side effects of vaccinations; on the other hand, most research bodies that should do these studies often hide the truth from the public to protect the manufactures of these vaccines or for other vested interests. This leaves out what happens in the human body at a molecular level after a vaccination has been administered. Vaccinations are therefore being administered to children at a void of scientific explanations; this explains why the causes of the resultant ailments and by extension the deaths related to vaccines have not been established.

There are about two hundred more vaccines in new studies and today, a child gets numerous vaccines before reaching school going age. This calls for intellectuals to wake up and save the society from the grave dangers of these treatments; continuing to administer vaccines without supportive scientific fundamentals for doing the same has proven suicidal. In the future state of affairs, vaccines will even be swallowed through the nose and in form of ointments; these extents can not even be explained on scientific basis (Ballard, E. 2008. pp 15-19).Reference Ballard, E. (2008). On vaccination; its value and alleged dangers.

University of California. Bookchin, D. , (1997). Tainted Polio Vaccine Still Carries Its Threat 40 Years Later. The Boston Globe.

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(1998). On diseases of the skin. Churchill, 1868Length931 pagesAnnotated Bibliography. Ballard, E. (2008).

On vaccination; its value and alleged dangers. University of California. According to the author, the government and various law enforcing bodies need to be serious with the whole issues of eliminating dangerous vaccines. The legislators can pass acts and laws to that effect. Again, research should be encouraged on this sensitive issue and the real reports released to the public for awareness. Bookchin, D. , (1997). Tainted Polio Vaccine Still Carries Its Threat 40 Years Later.

The Boston Globe.This book highlights that the manufacturers who cost other peoples lives by having these dangerous vaccines ought to be brought to justice, this is through either civil or criminal law suits (whatever the case maybe) by the victims. Governments also need to come up with national immunization programs to guarantee that quality standards are not compromised. Palmer, F. (2007) Baby Matters: What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Caring for Your Baby.

Baby Matters. Medical research and statistic bodies have been found to hide real statistics on the dangers of the vaccines either to protect the manufactures or for other selfish interests.Even more shocking is the fact that even government bodies do not give real facts to the public for fear of victimization. This is despite the fact that vaccines have got flaws that even see infants cripple. Pillitteri, A. (2006) Maternal & child health nursing. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006.

Vaccination and any other form of immunizations have been found to interfere with the natural immune system of infants and even adults. According to this book, the logic behind this fact is straight forward; vaccination interferes with the normal composition of the white blood cell hence leaving the body without adequate defense.Victoria, P. (2004) Parliamentary debates. Harvard University. This book documents the research that has been conducted by scholars, medics and even clinical specialists that show that vaccination is not always as effective as we have often been made to believe. This is in the wake of the revelation that there is no professional ethics that warn consumers of the dangers of these medicines.

Wilson, E. (1998). On diseases of the skin. Churchill.

The Hepatitis B vaccine has been established to contain the virus that results into

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