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The design and complexity of the
policy-making process depends on the plurality of interconnected and often
contradictory factors. Drugs are very fundamental and marginal issues of
individual society and often symbolize the attitude towards death, health,
insanity, foreign, productive man, social benefits, individual freedom,
addiction, hedonism crimes, overheating, etc. Identifying Slovene Politics
Against Illicit Drugs Slovenian politics is highly emotive, as it is
contaminated with similar logic to the US. The budget for drugs, which is an
indicator of public budget expenditure of a particular policy and measures the
state’s expenditure in the fight against illicit drugs. In the context of this
drug budget, the Slovenian case is largely unidentified, non-transparent, which
is a consequence of solving drug-related problems through the constant
activities of various bodies and ministries, which typically do not specifically
identify items intended for this field. A substantial part of the budget is
allocated to the Health Insurance Institute. These funds were distributed among
the programs of drug treatment centers, programs for the Center for the
treatment of drug addiction in the psychiatric clinic in Ljubljana and for the
methadone drug. The paradigm is that Slovenian regulation is closer to
pathological models, as it shows a high degree of development in the public
health sector, and at the same time a lack of integration of other approaches.
The characteristics or tendencies of the principles of the salutogenetic
approach are noticeable, but due to the weaker role of non-governmental
organizations, the social sector and the wider civil society, they still do not
reach the level of some western European countries. Thus, in Slovenia, there is
not only a concept of harm reduction but also other measures that involve the
acceptance of the drug, its use and treatment of users in a manner that is
typical and typical for other countries (safe injection rooms, for example, in
the Netherlands and in Germany, the distribution of needles in prisons in
Spain, alternative solutions to prison for drug users in most European
countries, tolerance to marijuana in the Netherlands, prescription of heroin
and treatment with heroin or cannabis derivatives in several countries across
Europe and the world, etc.), a long- with ups and downs, as the socio-cultural
context has a strong impact on the success of their implementation

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