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The concept of East vs. West is rooted in the area of which the people reside. East is represented by Asia, the Philippines, and the Middle East. West is represented by the Americas, Europe, and most recently Japan.
The key points of the East are about accepting the truth as given and a need find the balance, a focus on social responsibly. In essence a person is only one part of a greater cosmological unity. A focus on one’s inner-self where neither self-worth nor self-importance have any real meaning. Where one’s life does not really end but you are reincarnated based on how on lived. Where accomplishments can only be achieved by self-development. Justice is determined in one’s conscience and the status quo should never be questioned. Containing one’s passions is important for furthering one’s knowledge. Improving one’s-self is a never-ending journey. Where things in reality just are and do not need to be proven.
The key points of the West are to find and prove “the truth”, a focus on individual rights. In essence a person is an individual or an element of the Divine. A focus on one’s outer self where self-worth is extremely important. Where your life has a beginning and it has an end. Where accomplishments can only be achieved by working hard and using research focused on a goal. Justice is determined by using one’s values and beliefs. The status quo should always be questioned. One must express one’s desires and passions in order to further one’s knowledge. In order to improve one’s-self one must define a goal and then strive to accomplish it. Where things in reality need to be proven in order to be understood.

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