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Dancing In the article The “Banking” Concept of Education, Paulo Ferrier is trying to get the fact across that the way that teachers teach is an ineffective method. This banking system where the teachers Just feed the students information to memorize has no use in the real world. There is no interaction between each other. It makes the students seem ignorant and the teachers the complete opposite due to the fact that they have no say into what they are learning.

In this world people must be able to come up with their own ideas. They must be able to create, invent, innovate things, UT due to this banking system that students are taught with, students are not given the opportunity to be able to be creative. They Just carry information due to the fact that they were forced to learn what they learned, however they do not know what to do with the info they learned because it is not practical in the real world. The purpose of the article is to show us that the techniques of teaching need to be changed.

Students must be taught in different ways in order to survive in the real world. Just because you learn a lot in school does not mean you will be able to use what you learned in the real world. That is why students must also be given the chance to think for themselves instead of Just being fed information and memorizing it. In this world we are always learning, the world is always changing and we must be able to adapt to it. The way we learn however does not give us the chance to learn how to adapt to changes.

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It is also saying that the way the teachers teach is in order to benefit them, in order to keep themselves in control of us. It makes them dominant over us because we rely on them in order to learn. I believe that the article did a great Job of getting its point across and was really affective. It really made me reconsider the way I have been taught for the past 13 years of my life. When I think about it we never really had much say in what we learned.

We were Just given information and memorized but I never really learned what to do with the information that I had learned. I also agree with the point that the article made that not only do we learn from the teachers but the teachers also learn from us, students. However I really don’t feel like our minds are Just containers that receive information. In conclusion I feel like Paulo Ferrier was very effective on getting his point across about our education system and how it runs.

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