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The Internet marks its beginnings in the late 20th century. Nearly 26 years later, the concept and importance of communication processes is transformed into unrecognizable. Social platforms are entering their endless possibilities for a 1easy, targeted and emotionally binding two-way communication. Traditional, so far, media, newspaper, radio and television leaders have been forced to change the process and nature of their work because of newly formed, aggressive and aggressive competition coming from these social networks. An example of this phenomenon is Facebook’s social titan, whose network accounts for more than 2 billion users. All these facts slowly but surely lead to the shift of PR’s focus from traditional media to online space. The main purpose of this graduation project is to present and analyze the role and effect of PR in social networks, and in particular Facebook. The realization of this goal is related to the following tasks: 1. Theoretical overview of PR and online PR in the direction of challenges and effects of social networks for PR practice. A general characteristic of PR and online PR is used in a comparative plan, with an analysis of the following elements: main features; The specificity of online PR; Comparison of types of media and types of PR genres; Concept of a social network; Main characteristics of social networks in PR uses of social networks in PR – advantages and disadvantages;2. The role of Facebook’s social network to develop new PR practices. Interpretation of Facebook’s key features as a tool in PR practice, as well as case studies from the online PR sphere: technology and communication features of network communication; Opportunities and disadvantages of the PR network; Studying the role of Facebook in the development of modern PR practice through a comparative analysis of specific cases from the practice of PR campaigns implemented on Facebook; 3. Summary and conclusions on Facebook PR and social networking as a PR tool

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