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competitiveness among Springboks (South Africa) and the All Blacks (New
Zealand) remains to be toughest test matches between the two countries. Furthermore,
the history of intense rivalry spread into a custom of hospitality regarding the
visiting side. In 1981, New Zealand was divided among tour supporters “who said
sport and politics shouldn’t mix” (Stewart, 2015). Wherein, some supporters
believed the Springbok should be removed “from the sporting world till
apartheid ended” (Stewart, 2015).


New Zealand
was split for 56 days during the demonstrations which happened to be the
biggest civil commotion viewed. The violence shown had “150,000 people took
part in over 200 demonstrations in 28 centers, and 1500 were charged with
offenses” (NZHistory, 2014) for protesting. 

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significance of the Springbok tour had some “linking racial discrimination
against Maori to apartheid in South Africa” (Meredith, n.d.). Therefore, the demonstrations
during the tournaments understood to be New Zealand’s worst violence witnessed.

Hence, it has educated New Zealander’s regarding non-violent protests.

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