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Hospital My friend and I had been accepted to Waterloo University and we where exited to be roommates. Our parent’s where delighted that we had finally moved out of the house and became men. My friend Rob was a cool guy at school, while I was at the library studying for my tests like a nerd. Rob had vested every single party in high school and became more and more cocky, but he always had a kind heart for who he loves and cares about. We had rented a small apartment for our selves, it was the closest one to our classes in the university.I had never realized if Rob was a clean freak or a dirty man, because when ever I visited his room was clean .

Even after 6 years of friendship it felt like I was going to live with a stranger. The day had arrived to move to our apartment and we had said our final goodbyes and left to a new Journey. We had reached our destination in 3 hours and said hello to our new lives. On the first day we had made couple of friends and so on forth. The semester had finally been finished and we where cooking up for a legendary party.Rob had gotten the drinks and food while I was making our apartment more or sees like a dance club. At 8, friends darted to show up and started to part.

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The later it got more and more stranger started to appear and we where cool with it. We would hope that this part would be talked threw out the year or more in our classes. Around 3 in the morning the party was still fresh, I got “woozy” and fell on the couch…. The next morning, I had woken up with the worst headache and a twisted ankle. I had woken Rob next and while I was headed towards the kitchen I noticed that the apartment was trashed.

I had no idea what had happened last mite after I fell but it cooked like an avalanche of trash had occurred. Rob had suddenly decided that I had to clean it up because I had planned the part. That clearly was unfair so I had fought with him that this is our fault not mine. Rob had a so what brilliant ‘dean of some sort, he said that there is a abandoned hospital near the university.

Who ever first came out the hospital would have to clean up the apartment. I had a headache so I could think clear enough and agreed to his terms.We where both Just inferno of the abandoned hospital and already our hearts were filled with fear. The main door “creaked” when we entered three hospital. The sound had echoed for threw out the hospital. The farther we got from the main door the darker it get.

Every step we took, the hallways got longer and looked more like a maze. Like we had to sniff the cheese to find our way back. The light kept dangling back and forth while flickering. The walls where splattered with blood and other substances, we had assumed it was puke.

Doors started to appear and one by one we had entered each one of them.In each room there where shadows of people and rounded with blood. The hospital had about 200 rooms, we had continued to search for paranormal activity to scare catheter and become a hero. We had checked every door we had came across, except for one which had a lock scream coming from inside it. We has tough that a girl was locked inside but didn’t know how she licked her self in. So I tried to kick the door open but would not budged a inch. Rob had laughed and said IL take care of this. Rob was a weight lifter and had become a champion in our highlights.

He took a step back and three his weight on he door and broke like a twig. Suddenly I had an urge to grab his collar. Like some one had taken over my body and had gabbed Rob’s collar. We headed realized it until we looked at the broken door fall about four stories high and violently break into millions of pieces when it hit the ground.

We stared at catheter for a 3rd of a second and ran towards to exit. We had no idea how we got to the fourth floor or how we could see the light at the end of our path. I was screaming like a baby girl and looked like I was constipated. I had no idea howRobed looked like but he sounded like a camel getting ticketed. We had exited the hospital together and headed back to our apartment. After I had cleaned up the apartment, we packed and headed back to our home town.

For straight 3 hours I headed blinked once because of the horror. Rob and I headed spoken a word on our trip back. It took us about a week or so to get over the incident.

When we had finished recuperating, I headed back to our apartment. Rob and I had made a pack that we would never speak of this to anyone in this world. So much for the pack I had made with my friend.

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