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The term “Jewish
National Home” had different meanings for the Jews living in Palestine during
the British Mandate. On November 2nd, 1917 The Balfour Declaration declared
Palestine as the “national home for the Jewish people” (Shapira 72).

This was a country were Jews could truly call it a home
something Jews have been dreaming and praying for, for hundreds of
years. A country where they could live peacefully, a place
for Jews to rediscover their Jewish identity, establish a
society and economy of their own. More and more and Jews started embracing Zionism
and realizing the connection they had with land. The Zionist organization
started rebuilding the country and offering the Jewish people a chance to start
a new life. Although for those already living in Palestine for a short period,
the declaration had a negative impact against them. Riots erupted in the
streets, Arabs were attacking, wounding and killing Jews. Arabs
refused to recognize any historical connection the Jews had to the land even
after the Balfour Declaration. The term “Jewish National Home” meant
for the Jews living in Palestine that they would become the majority
of the inhabitants.  Since the Balfour declaration a wave of immigration
from all around the world (Europe, Russia, North America, Germany) erupted the
Jewish population from 56,000 to 650,000 during the 30 years of the British
mandate. Jews are scattered all over the world and this new home is now a
place where Jews could all come together and live the life they
always dreamt of. This was a significant step closer to calling it
a Jewish state. 

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