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development of a one-stop government service center cum central business hub in
the city of Palayan is essential in transforming the province of Nueva Ecija
into a premiere growth hub having in consideration one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s
aim of integrating vital government services, both national and local, into a distinct
location. This certains accessibility and convenience of public service to
people. In line of this development, Nueva Ecija, once a “barren government
land” as stated by Governor Czarina Umali, will become a more progressive and
substantial province, opening up new opportunities for talents in the locale
and increasing profits for many businesses.
Thus, turning the province into an integral institutional and civic complex.

province’s government agencies are currently situated in the city of Cabanatuan
and among the agencies that will hold office in the one-stop government service
center in Palayan City are (1) Department of Education (DEPED), (2) Department
of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), (3) Department of Trade and
Industry (DTI), (4) National Statistics Office (NSO), (5) National Bureau of
Investigation (NBI), (6) Commission on Elections (COE), (7) Philippine Overseas
Employment Agency (POEA), (8) Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) and
the (9) Social Security System (SSS), (10) Department of Information and
Communication Technology (DICT), (11) Philippine Health Insurance
Corporation (PhilHealth), (12) Department of
Tourism (DOT), (13) Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), (14) Pag-Ibig
Fund and (15) Land Bank of the Philippines, (16) National Economic and
Development Authority (NEDA), (17) Department of Foreign Affairs, (18)
Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and (19) Philippine Statistics and
Authority (PSA). The government center building will house all the people’s
need for processing their licenses and renewing their passports, NBI
clearances, loan applications, business licenses, and other government
documents. This building serves as the heart of the project.

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The concept of having a one-stop-shop government
center was initially discussed in 1989 at the National Economic and Development
Authority (NEDA) – Regional Development Center (RDC). This proposal for
integrating vital government services is the answer to the local government’s
effort in providing better service, comfort and convenience to the people,
upholding work opportunities, and promoting better governance.

Aside from the central government building, two Business
Process Outsourcing (BPO) buildings, which is Nueva Ecija’s very first BPO
center, is also a part of the business hub development that can employ 5000 call
center agents per shift, having a total of three shifts. The fourth one is the
commercial establishments with a 75-room hotel occupying three floors. The
hotel is considered as Palayan City’s first major commercial establishment. The
3.4 hectare land allotted for the project will also feature a central plaza
that will act as the main activity center measuring 7,500 square meters.

The government center cum central business hub
follows two of United Nation’s sustainable development goals which is (1) to
uphold a comprehensive and sustainable economic growth and to provide work for
all without harming the environment, (2) to promote a sustainable development
through invigorating a global partnership allowing the private sectors and the
civil society to build long-term investments for the developing countries. It is under the Public
Private Partnership scheme of MTD Philippines, Nueva Ecija’s provincial
government, and Palayan’s city government that the agencies will be able to
come closer to people ensuring fast, efficient, and high quality services. This
project is a subsidiary of a Malaysian Firm, the Alloy MTD.

roughly half of Novo Ecijanos leave the province to take the risk of finding
jobs in Metro Manila because it lacks of work opportunities, and it doesn’t
have adequate amount of investments. The slow progress of the province is a
challenge in its economy. Also, majority of the government agencies in the
province of Laguna only rent offices and according to Senator Chiz Escudero, Chairman
of the Finance Committee in the Senate, “Renting spaces at a cost is like throwing money
down the drain.”  In this study, we are to assess the
ideal planning and design for integrating vital government services in one
building. The
province of Nueva Ecija need spaces to operate and function well to refrain
from renting and effectively allocate limited resources.

The Nucleus City: A Government Center cum
Central Business Hub will be the face of progress in Palayan City, Nueva Ecija
turning it into a premiere growth hub. Its development will transform its once
laid-back community into a more progressive and substantial integral
institutional and civic complex.

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